September 28, 2009

September 8, 2009

August 24, 2009

A final quick note from her final e-mail from Argentina

I will be forever ever ever ever grateful for this experience and for those that made it possible. But it wasn´t for me. It was for the Lord.

so this is all i will say for now.

Hermana Urban

August 23, 2009

8 days left

Hermana Urban has 8 days left. You know in any other situation it might seem like a nice trip to a foreign land. Considering that she has been there 18 months 8 days is nothing. I loved her last posting that she has so much to do with so little time. We have heard of other missionaries called to this part of the world so the work will continue there and it will continue here! If you are interested in a Denver greeting airport party... please let me know

P.S. The reason for the time expired is she is slightly after 18 months and she is still there :)

August 18, 2009

Loving Every Minute

First off, a happy welcome to the twenties to Kendra!!!
Second off, the wind was insane the other day!! We were riding the good ol´ bikes against the wind on a LONG dirt road. Gotta love campo. But this is the problem: We wear skirts!!! haha! so we had to ride our bikes standing (not seated, yeah?) we were in a hurry so we were trying to make good time. It was quite the trip and I loved it!!! haha. If I worked anything off, don´t worry I ate plently the next day. Jorge invited us and some other peeps to go to his house and have lunch. He goes to a cooking class and is a really good cook. He made home made noodles with sauce and emanadas. And then Hermana Eva made an insane desert, with cream. So we passed lunch together and it is soooooooo great to see Jorge sooooooo happy.
Bueno, nada mas.
Things are great, I am still in love with monte and the people. There just isn´t enough time to do all we want to do.
But we are serving and loving the people.
Hermana Urban

August 16, 2009

2 weeks home bound...

As much as we want Elissa to focus on her last little bit in Argentina we can't help to think about how soon she will be back. We are so excited for her honorable mission and how we allowed her to give up 18 months of her life for people we never have met. Well, it isn't giving up anything! It has made us realize more than ever that life isn't about making is about our friends, family, neighbors and the people we work and associate with and serving these people by informing them about Heavenly Father and helping him fulfill his plan. Just as this picture of this plane is a blur her mission has gone by in a flash. Whenever you think about the past 18 months and her being gone it has seemed like such a long time. Now that we are almost looking back it has flown by. Sincerely, Elissa's Dad

August 12, 2009

Are We Excited to have Elissa Back soon??!!

I'm sure you can only guess? If you had a smart, courageous and pretty young daughter who took 18 months out of her life to spread the most important message in the world would you feel? Would you feel proud? Would you feel scared? Would you feel happy? Would you feel timid? Would you feel excited? Would you feel humble? Would you worried? Would you feel ecstatic? All I can say is we here in our home have felt these and more. Elissa will be home in about 17 days and just in time to meet her new nephew! Bethany her sister is having a baby just about the same time Elissa gets home on September 1st 2009.

The Urban's

August 10, 2009

Life's challenges can lead to testimonies of our Savior...22 days left in Argentina!

Look at what Irma made for me!!!
warm cozy stockings!!

This is me with the lemon tree outside of my porch. I Love Monte.

This is a man with style if I knew anyone.

Marta teaching us, the relief society how to make
home-made noodles. DELICIOUS!!

(sorry sometimes i rather have the pics talk instead of me typing lots)

so here is a little story:

We found this great married couple. They are in their 50-60s and in Argentine years that is a little older then in US years. (my own opinion) So anyway, they are progressing and have goals to get baptized. Marta, the wife, is hilarious. But yesterday she was acting like a completly different person. throwing things, yelling, just going crazy. She told her husband to leave the room because she wanted to talk to us alone. I was like ". . . ah . . .what to do ?. . . " Julio, her husband, peacfully left the room and she told us that the spirit of his 1st wife has control over her body. And she wants help. But, honestly she was 2 different people yesterday. We talked about the priesthood a little bit and left her with a prayer. And after that she was normal marta again. The thing that is crazy - is that is not the first time I have seen or heard about these types of things while on the mission. We talk with so many people, get into so many peoples lives that MY life will never be the same.

But the church is true.
hermana urban

August 3, 2009

quench not the spirit

So we were traveling by trains to zone conference. And me and another hermana decided that we wanted to sing some hymns for the people doing their daily travel. So we did while our comps talked with the people. The trains can be a little hectic and me and me comp were separated. I, with the other hermanas, got off on our stop. But my companion didn´t. SO we had to wait for her to come back - while we waited we took pics in this cool graffiti place.

Me and the comp Hermana Delgado at Zone conference.

Baptism of Jorge!! He was soo happy and got up to bore his testimony during sacrament meeting. Yay for him!

and Gaston trying to stay warm by the heater. awesome.

As for updates:

Andres and Silivia are sill amazing!! Yesterday they shared with us their testimonies of the blessings they have received from the gospel. They are truly an amazing family, that has a strong desire to be an eternal family. Siliva has some document issues and wasn´t able to vote and is unable to make a date to get married. So the process will take a little longer but they are doing real good.

Hugo continues with his many many doubts. He was actually in the hospital for 10 days and we couldn´t talk with him. But he still has a huge desire to understand the mysteries of God. I am actually typing in the ciber that he owns. We are gonna keep him in our prayers.

Well love you all. Things are good. We are finding new people everyday. And Janelle, I too found a bike!!!! YAY!!!!

here is a scripture I feel in love with this morning: ! Thessalonians 5:19 "Quench not the spirit" - How is Paul SOOO genius?? oh maybe because he was a prophet. But he still impresses me.

your hermanita Urban

angels : july 27

I am spending most of my internet time trying to send ya´ll photos so I hope this is successful.
We went to the temple as a branch and it was GREAT! We had investigators come. We stayed outside with some people and whilst in the waiting area I got out my new coloring books (thanks to the best mom in the whole wide world). There was a huge group of kids and toddlers all dressed in white waiting to be sealed to their families. I cannot explain it but for one minute I saw "it." I saw and understood in my mind God´s plan for us. And I wanted everyone to have it as well. But anyway amongst the coloring a little girl/angel came up to me, found my colored pencils and started drawing. sooooo cute!

A recent convert Rosa saw and entered the temple for the first time as well. She did baptisms. and her granddaughter who comes to church every Sunday also came with us. We are big buds. I love her lots.

Temple trip. Super fun.

I heart the Young Women!!! (and Lisa Runyon!!!!)

New Vintage dress. FUN!

who doesn´t want to lick the frosting of REAL chocolate home goodness by Hermana Asay?!

July 20, 2009


So I have been thinking a lot about the whole agency issue.

Preach My Gospel says I have the responsibility to teach powerfully and clearly enough that the people can make their own decisions. So, as a missionary, we study the scriptures, live on a higher level of standards, serve others, and pray for the best. We do these things so we can teach powerfully and have the spirit help us. But nothing interferes with their decisions; they still have the right to choose to accept the gospel or not.

So in Monte right now our investigators are at that point. Decision making time. So keep them in your prayers and I will keep living worthily to help them out.

Today was transfer meeting and this American man came up to me saying “sister urban, I have something for you!” and happy surprise hand delivered from my Grandma Clonts. YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I shared some cookies and now I am really popular! I am going to smell even better with some great new body wash. I am soooo excited. Thanks sooooo much for the love!!

Also I got a great package from the young women!!! Also got more popular with sharing. And mom the dress= I love. Only thing I need to lose some mission weight.

Hermana Ingoldsby is going to train a new missionary this transfer! She is going to be an amazing trainer.

Well, anyway, I love you all and hope all is well. Thanks for the support and love and prayers and faith.

Hermana Urban

July 14, 2009

Really Neat this post!

I am crazy and made a little card for Michael Jackson. I have been distraught, Irma's baptism, and Monte is full of cowboys

Today we got a letter from Sister Urban's Mission President. It says... I am pleased to inform you that your daughter, Sister Elissa Marie Urban, has served faithfully in the Buenos Aires Mission and will complete that mission honorably on 8/31/2009.

It has been a pleasure to have Sister Urban serve in this mission. I have enjoyed my association with a missionary who exemplifies such fine qualities and personal attributes. I have seen her mature spiritually as a result of her constant, unselfish service. Without a doubt, this mission has helped Sister Urban enhance her ability to positively relate to companions and fellow church members. Truly, she has been an excellent representative of Jesus Christ, and we thank you for having sustained her in this mission.

Thank you for your efforts in preparing a young woman such as Sister Urban to be asuccessful missionary.

We as parents were of course honored to have such a letter sent to us today. She has 45 days left... as we know that will go fast and it's letters like this that show us that she really was meant to go and made a difference in many lives.

The pictures were just sent to us...enjoy Jim & Susan

July 6, 2009

These Are The Children of the World...Hermana Urban is teaching...

These are some pictures from a couple of weeks ago...a little late but still fun to look at.

So a fun little info: This great amazing lady that I was teaching a year ago got married and baptized this week!!! After a year she was able to get her documents from Paraguay and get married to her boyfriend (who is member) and then baptized - along with her daughter!!! I LOVE THIS!!!! I am hearing great success stories from other areas that I have served in and it just goes to show that the Lord allows His work to progress. no matter what.

So I am sure you all know that there is this crazy sickness swiping the land. Rosmeri has been working a lot (seeing how she is a nurse and all). so it has been tough to get to her. But people have been super worried and distraught about this flu that a lot of stores and places are closed or only open to a limited number of people. You have to wait to enter stores and you can only enter if you are going to buy. So what makes it all even more crazy is that we have cancelled church for 3 weeks. Yesterday we didn´t go. and that was weird.

When we aren´t traveling for meetings we are running around like crazy because we are visiting so many people! I love it!! We will have more men in the branch soon because the majority of the people we are teaching are men. so that will be great because the branch is about 3/4 women.

well that is all i will say. keep letters coming. did i not tell you that I extended my mission by 6 months?? SO if you are thinking you can get by without writing - you are wrong!!!

hermana urban

July 1, 2009

so bueno!!!

First off: Rest in peace the king of pop. tears.

Second off: Every night I went to bed and every morning I woke up sooooo excited for this area and the things are are going on in the very special place of Monte.

We were walking one night to find a lady that I taught a long time ago who moved. As we were walking I thought in my little head I KNOW that there are thousands of people searching and aching for guidance and want some truth in their lives - in the area of MONTE. But I have the great task to try to FIND these people. We came to a door, knowing that it was not her door but thinking we could ask for directions, a man answered the door and he had no idea where she lived. But what do we do?? We start talking to him. So he was interested in how were are missionaries and spread the word of God to the people. yup . . . to the people. haha. He invited us in. Ok a rule of the mission, aka from the Lord, is that we are not to be alone in the house with one man. SO I said no (in my mind) and what came out was "Bueno." - same thing happened with my companion. But let me tell you one thing: I have never jamas in my entire mission met someone who is actually searching, wants, desires to know the truth, to know about God and the reality of Him. He is completely sincere with his search. We talked with him about what we share and teach and then HE decides. He has to put his faith to the max and ask God if what we share is true. He wants to know sooooo bad but he doubts even his own faith. I, personally, think he has amazing faith. Faith always leads us to action. His actions are listening, meditating, praying, reading, investigating, etc. His faith is helping him learn. And that is great faith. I also personally feel that he has already received an answer that the Book of Mormon is true. If it is true - that means that God does really does love us and talk to us today!! SO it really depends on that answer. so we are gonna help him recognize that. Ok but then we went again, this time with a member, and it was GREAT!!!! wow I just cannot stop being amazed by him. AND THEN . . . on his own amazing faith he came to church!!!!!!!! He is the owner of the tennis courts in Monte and it is open always, but on Sunday the country voted and stores had to be closed. So he used his free time and came to church - and stayed for Irma's Baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So everyone, seriously, put Hugo in your prayers.

And Irma got baptized!! And it was adorable b/c apparently not all of her hair went under the water and when someone mentioned that she was like: "well that's bc I have a lot, ok!" I don't know I just loved it.

Also we had an amazing lesson with Andres and Silvia and the family. We read "The Proclamation" and WHOA that thing is powerful and wonderfully true. Then we (with the help of a member) set a marriage goal. Meaning that if all works out wonderfully we will have a wedding and baptisms in August!!!! And then a temple sealing in a year. This is not a family of 5, this is a family of 8, and to be able to be with those little babies that they lost, they must keep those eyes on the temple.

Mommy and daddy happy anniversary!! I am glad that we are an eternal family!!!!

Scott- your letter changed my life!!! Thanks sooooo much (I also read it to one of my friends and she loved it to)

Saren- I LOVED YOUR PKG of love and warmth and sarenness. I love you to death too!!

Matthew Case- I am awful for not writing. but as soon as I am in utah = you and I and that wonderful David Bowie movie of Labyrinth.

Rachel Andrus- congrats with the baby coming!!! I am so proud and amazed of your selfless service to be a mom. whoa.

Katy- I hope you are adjusting well!

Ok loves to all!

Hermana Urban

ps. oh also- Farrah Fawcett - sad as well. but I told Hermano Eva, sweet member, that dad always loved her and then he said probably because I look like her (which is weird because she clearly was 20 when I wasn't on this planet) and now he is calling me by "Farrah."

Oh Argentines.

June 17, 2009


We walk lots in Monte, have I told you that? So I am hoping to get some bikes real soon. And then I will be one of those bike missionaries. Yes!

So things went well this week and we ended with week with stake conference. We traveled as a branch to the stake center to watch a broadcast just for Argentina. It was really great because Andres, Silvia and their 3 kids came!!! I was soooo happy!!! But they left earlier than everyone else so I haven’t been able to talk to them about it. I am pretty sure that everyone should pray for them.

Patience is an attribute that I have yet to master. But with patience I know that as long as I am working super hard and doing my best the Lord will do the rest. I know that Monte is just a little tiny branch but I also know that it has huge potential. So I will keep at it and then maybe 15 – 20 years down the road we will hear how huge the ward is in Monte! (my dream).

I love ya`ll.

Hermana Urban

June 11, 2009


Irma in her house. which was actually her parents house. lots of history.

On Thursday the elders came to our area to interview Irma for baptism. We went to her house to pick her up but she wasn´t there. WHAT?? So we tried to search a little bit but she was just no where in sight. This has never happen before. So we were a little worried. It turns out that she was in the hospital. She hasn´t been feeling very good lately so it was a good thing that she went to see a doctor. After we sent the elders home and continued on with our day we decided that it would be better to move her baptismal date so she could rest and feel better about it. When we found her in her house we talked with her and shared a scripture, she said the prayer. Ok the most amazing feeling ever comes when you hear people pray. Her prayer came directly from her humble heart strings and was filled with how grateful she is for the opportunity to get baptized and continue in her faith in Christ through living the gospel. I feel really good about her baptismal date now and everything will be good.

So today is transfers. Hermana Gatica is off to the coast and I am staying in Monte for my fourth transfer. I feel like my name should be on the member list. I love it though.

My new companion is from Peru. Her name is hermana Delgado. Wish us luck!

I love this work. It is the Lord´s, not mine. I am just amazed that He would let me be a part of it.


Hermanita Urban

June 6, 2009

more lives touched this week!

Well I have already used half on my Internet time doing I don’t know what. I am enjoying some delicious Helado. It is officially June and the cold has only begun. I already have my thermals, wool tights and thick socks on. Our little Monte house is actually quite big and we have a heater at the bottom of the stairway, thus all the hot air is trapped in the stairway. Who lives on the stairs? I do.

The area is really getting on its feet and it has been amazing to see the progress. It is on the brink of exploding. But still patience is a very important virtue. ¿no?

There are ten people working towards baptism, there is definitely work going on in Monte. But the best things ever are the visits themselves. I love visiting people and bringing the gospel into their homes. Families start unifying and love starts growing.

Andres and Siliva and their kids are doing the simple things that count. Ie: praying together, reading the scriptures together and helping one another out. So that is pretty exciting. They will only have more of the Spirit of Lord in their home.

Rosmeri and Nicolas are adorable and I love and care for them so much that I honestly get nervous when teaching them. Mostly because I just want them to love the gospel.

(I am going to try to take more pictures of people in their homes and what not)

So, the owner of our house is also a member of the church for many many years. Her parents were pioneers in Monte. She has been inactive in the gospel for many many years. Her husband, who has no belief in God, has been smoking since he was 13 years old and is now in the hospital. So it is sad. I love Vivian so much. She is such a great women and I feel so helpless, as I am sure she does. I really think that God is sending her signs. Just as he does. He shows us our weaknesses so we can be made strong. So she is struggling but putting on her happy face. Remember when I first came to Monte and I went to a funeral?? It was her Mom. The great thing is that the missionaries live right next door. She told us that she loves to see us because she sees Good. Something good.

Another less active, after singing a hymn, told us how beautiful it is that we are in the gospel, that we have this joy and that we have that spirit of goodness with us.

The gospel is good. It is simple as that.

Pray for the peeps here.

Hermanita Urban

May 24, 2009 hard play hard!

Elissa's Dad here...I have been noticing that Elissa really is doing a good job of leading. The best example of a leader is one who keeps moving forward in the work. Then when it comes time to exceed expectations there too. Keep up the work and the play Elissa! Here is her letter:

The weeks keep going and we keep working.
We had another busy week of teaching, helping, and running around like crazies. But its all good.
I absolutely love our investigators. They are great and progressing beautifully in the gospel. Honestly, hands down the best part of missionary work is seeing people bring purpose in their lives. I have always had this purpose but I know that millions don´t. But they should have it - so I am willing to help them find it.
Rosmeri and her son Nicolas (that I have a crush on, 11years old) came to church and LOVED IT!!! I am sooo excited for them to have the gospel in their lives. But guess what?? With the gospel nothing becomes easier . . . actually it (life in general) becomes harder. seriously. That is why it is soooo important that we have a strong foundation on Jesus Christ. It is NOT easy and I will be the first one to admit it. If you don't believe me - try it.
We had a futbol tournament today and thus I am writing today. sorry about the confusion.
Sorry this letter is soo lame. I am super exhausted and we have a long travel ahead of us.
La HermanaUrban

May 11, 2009


(2 letters posted today- one from this week and one from last week.)

We had an amazing week here in Monte. We taught a bunch. Rosa spoke in church about faith. I loved a part in her talk where she said that her faith helped her get baptized, but her faith won’t stay in the font, she has to continue coming to church and reading her scriptures to nourish her faith. YOu GO GiRL!

Andres and Siliva and their 2 of their kids came to church!! They came super late and I was on the brink of tears thinking they weren´t going to come. But then all of sudden they walked in and I was sooooo happy. I think they were a little surprised at my reaction when I saw them!! It is a HUGE blessing to see families learn about the gospel.

As for Rosmeri and her kids- they are progressing beautifully and even though they couldn’t come to church, they want to learn about the gospel and want to know how to do what God has in store for us.

We also found two men and gave them the goal of getting baptized. Now they have to ask God to see if that is what He wants them to do. Ask and ye shall receive, right?

I loved chatting with some of ya´ll yesterday!! Happy Mothers Day!! And Happy Birthday Grandpa!!! I love you. I wanted to call Grandma and Grandpa Urban and Grandma and Grandpa Clonts but my phone card ran out mid-sentence with Casey. Lame-o.

2 little school boys are sitting next to me yelling out their plans of attack while they are playing some computer game-thing. Haha I just took a pic.

Hermana Urban

The rebels without a cause:

I had ice cream while I typed today. If I stopped eating this delicious gift I would probably loose some of this extra mission skin that I have.

Me in one of my favorite places in Monte. These ladies have art classes and paint all day and listen to cool music. I love it!!! So I finally went in today-

May 4, 2009

Fall! 5.4.09

Saludos a todos.

Things are good. Fall is here and can I say how much I love it??! I have been walking around with my camera taking pictures of the trees. The smell, the colors, the scarfs – I love it all!!!!


I am currently reading the Bible in my personal study and I am just RIVETED with how amazing and interesting it is. WOW!! I cannot get enough of it. I love to read it like a book and then I love to completely dive in and search different parts of it to deepen the goods. Reading it has also made me realize how little I know about God, but it only gives me more drive to understand more.

So here is a little story:

Saturday, randomly, we found out that Rosmeri and the little guys were moving to the other side of town to a nicer home. So basically, it has taken such a long time to get in contact with them since she has been soooooo busy. Understandable. So we stop by to see if she will need help with the move and all. She said that her ex-husband and 3 other men were going to come. We decided to call some people anyway. We called Miguel, this stud recent convert, who never ceases to amaze me. He came directly over. Nobody else that we talked to could come. So anyway, Rosmeri´s husband ends up calling saying that he wasn´t able to come. Which left the 2 missionaries and Miguel and the fam. But I, being a little bit of an overachiever and worrier, run over (with the comp of course) to a menus activo, the oldest son of the branch president. He was just about to leave his apartment as his Mom (RS pres) and we run up. I don´t know how it happened but the timing was amazing. We asked if they could help and they both jumped on it. We arrived at the house and loaded stuff in the truck.

Rosmeri, Fernando, Judith and Nicolas were so happy and thrilled to have some help.

I cannot express how happy I was! A recent covert, menus activo, investigators and members and missionaries just helping someone out. I LOVE SERVICE!

Everyone was so happy and content.

And it also gave us a moment to chat with Hermana Orellano who has been going through some challenges.

I am convinced that when we are willing to do the Lord´s will, He will just work everything out through us. We just have to be willing and then all of a sudden we will realize: “I did nothing, but wow, good things happened and I know it's because God is in charge.”

Mom, I covered my agenda with the wrappers from the Dove Chocolates you sent me. So now I have these feel-good messages to look at.

KEN AND AMY!!! I got the CD and listen to it EVERY second I can get. I love it. And my chilean companion is singing along now too! Thanks soooooooo much.

I love you all. I am gonna go out and enjoy this Fall weather. (are you jealous?)

Hermana Urban

Ps WHERE IN THE WORLD DID MOTHERS DAY COME OUT OF?? I just chatted with ya´ll. I will call this Sunday.

This is me as a brunette:

This is me and my comp in this sweet gaucho store:

MONICA INGOLDSBY!!!! you are the best!! I love your daughter!!!! and yummy chocolate:

April 27, 2009


We keep working hard in Monte. We have little miracles daily, so I cannot complain.

On Saturday we had a branch activity!! YAY!!! we went to Rosa´s house and painted the outside. It was great. I will send some sweet pics next week. But Rosa was so grateful. She said the closing prayer at church yesterday and just about broke down with gratitude for the service that the members did. It was a such a fun afternoon and we had a ton of investigators that came too.

I also directed a girls choir in the Primary. SO fun!! Actually only one out of the 4 girls is a member of the church. So it was great for the girls and their families to see them sing and participate. I think it would be the hardest thing ever to be a little girl and not have the gospel. So I am happy to help these 3 little girls actually KNOW who they are; which is a child of God . . . someone very special.

We were unable to teach Rosmeri and kids this week. So hard to find them all together sometimes. But I am going to keep my faith and keep working.

Well I love you all and hope all is well. Keep the faith. God loves you. Trust Him and the miracles will happen. I promise.

Hermanita Urban

April 21, 2009

No Rest...the work must go on

Well my dears,
Just another week in paradise. The work doesn´t get easier, my bag gets heavier, 6:30 am never feels like a restful time; but the spirit grows, the lights that were once dimmed in peoples faces becomes brighter again and it makes it worth it.

After a very worriedly week for me, concerning Rosmeri and kids, I feel better about it. We had a good little lesson how the only way we can know the things about God is to ask the big guy ourselves. So I will continue to pray that they pray.

Today, hence the reason why I am writing later then the usual, we had a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with Family Orellano. They are the coolest. Pres Orellano, after 8 months of being a member of the church become the president of the branch and has held that position for 12 years. His kids are the only youth and I basically love them. Here is a pic of us playing a sweet game . . . these are the kind of parties I go to currently. Don´t even worry about it.

Also today we stayed in Monte (which I love to do) for our Pday. Other hermanas from our Zone came and we had an Asado (bbq). I made a salad like we know it: Lettuce, carrots, and other veggies, also some grapes. The other girls thought I was crazy and were hesitant to try it. But I enjoyed some actual fruitage and vegage. Because it doesn´t exist in the diet the other days of the week.

Cyber: I am currently listening to "my heart will go on" translated to Spanish. Keep rocking you cyber sound system.

Hermanita Urban