August 10, 2009

Life's challenges can lead to testimonies of our Savior...22 days left in Argentina!

Look at what Irma made for me!!!
warm cozy stockings!!

This is me with the lemon tree outside of my porch. I Love Monte.

This is a man with style if I knew anyone.

Marta teaching us, the relief society how to make
home-made noodles. DELICIOUS!!

(sorry sometimes i rather have the pics talk instead of me typing lots)

so here is a little story:

We found this great married couple. They are in their 50-60s and in Argentine years that is a little older then in US years. (my own opinion) So anyway, they are progressing and have goals to get baptized. Marta, the wife, is hilarious. But yesterday she was acting like a completly different person. throwing things, yelling, just going crazy. She told her husband to leave the room because she wanted to talk to us alone. I was like ". . . ah . . .what to do ?. . . " Julio, her husband, peacfully left the room and she told us that the spirit of his 1st wife has control over her body. And she wants help. But, honestly she was 2 different people yesterday. We talked about the priesthood a little bit and left her with a prayer. And after that she was normal marta again. The thing that is crazy - is that is not the first time I have seen or heard about these types of things while on the mission. We talk with so many people, get into so many peoples lives that MY life will never be the same.

But the church is true.
hermana urban

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Anonymous said...

Yay! I always love pictures of Hna. Urban in Argentina. What a stylish and cute sister missionary! My parents will miss her so much. Hna. Urban/Elissa: Please make sure that you hang out with me pretty much every day when you're back!