March 31, 2008

Yay,2 weeks left.well this week for the TRC they threw us for a loop. 5 minutes before we went in we were told that we would switch companions for the teaching. So I taught with Hma ------, not my comp Hma -----. So we go in and talk with the volunteer, he is from Mexico and hilarious. And he was pretending to not believe in God - which becomes even more a challenge fo us . . . in spanish. But I would have to say that I was shocked with how much I was able to say and understand. I left my notes behinde and just opened the spirit to work through me. Once I forget myself and all of my shortcomings and rely on Christ I know that I can be an instrument in his hands.But it was hilarious b/c the volunteer took a lid to a cardborad box, drew a smiley face on it, put tissues on the top (for hair), put his arm around it and pretended that it was his esposa (wife). He would play with her hair (tissues), basically I loved it. He was great.The mtc also has these sweet makeup classes for the sisters. So i went and got free makeup (really good stuff too). the ladies come in and talk about how we liken our bodies to the temples and how we should look nice. Just as the temple grounds are taken care of. Not to impress the world but because they are sacred. I couldnt agree more. But these ladies are set apart as missionaries, come in 1 a week to make sisters feel all good about themselves and eat chocolate! HOw fun!ALSO this week I find out that I live in the same building that Casey works in! and I had lunch with Casey! It was so fun. Who doesn't love mtc food? I bore him my testimony in spanish - he was impressed - am i right casey eh?eh? It was pretty sweet. But crazy because I forget that I am sooooo close to everyone.Sometimes I get a little homesick, BYU-sick, or nonmissionary- life sick. But I know that I can rely on the Christ. He is there with every little sorrow that we have. I have made it a goal to think of him more often. to think of what He has done for me, He atoned for me. Studying the gospel day in and day out has given me such a great perspective on EVERYTHING. I still have many questions and much more spiritual knowledge to gain. But I see so many things clearly through the gospel persective. I know that the Book of Mormom and Bible both testify of Chirst . I also know that the Book of Mormon answers questions of the soul. If I (or you) have any questions about this life we can find the answer in the Book of Mormon. And we are also blessed by looking to Christ for the answer.Well, Conference is this weekend! Yay! an awesome opportunity to hear from the prophets of the Lord. I am excited to go to conference with a purpose in my heart. But I am not excited that I can't be in my Pajamas all cuddlely on the couch. - That is something else that I am learning a lot about: sacrifice. But still, I am excited for it.Something about sacrifice. It is from God. It is something that man could not or would not make. It is a way for us to learn and grow and become stronger from it. It is hard but it is worth it.Anyway, my loved ones, I hope ALL is well! What is going on in the lives of yours? Grandma thank you for your "DearElders!" (they make me cry) Easter sounded perfect! And I think I will need to see some pics of the girls in their dresses (i want one -haha).Dad- I got the memory cards. thank you soooo much. and for everything. I will let you know when I get the other stuff you are sending.I love you and pray for all of you everynight.The gospel is true.Yo se que Jesucristo es me Salvador.Hermana Urban

March 29, 2008

MTC Pictures near Easter 2008 We just got these pictures March 29th 2008!

Easter Care gift...she loved it!

Her amazing district...Hermana Urban lower left with her eyes closed.

Ther Hermana's in her zone...they have really grown close together and are learning so much! Hermana Urban is in the middle on her knees

She is pointing to her destination coming so soon!!!!! Argentina APRIL 14th 2008!!!

March 24, 2008

Day After Easter letter 2008

How is everyone? how was easter?first off, Bethany and kendra and casey thank you sooooo much for the cookies (they were gone within 2 hours!) honestly they were amazing! and then also for my easter surprise! OH my gosh the chocolate was amazing and thank you so much for the t shirt. you have no idea my need for shirts in general!(oh and for the sleepaid!)Well, so easter was gorgeous! It was so pretty and my district went to the temple to take pictures and i couldn't believe how pretty it is. I am always cooped up in my little classrom with flouresent lighting so it was about time to get some sun! One of the sisters in my district, her mom sent her some easter egg dye. So we dyed easter eggs and I read the scriptures from the eggs that mom and dad and janelle sent! MUY BIEN! Y DIVERTIDO (good and fun).So the spanish in the TRC was successful! me and my comp actually didnt finish our lesson becuase of time. but I felt good about it. It is amazing how you can still feel the spirit no matter the language. We must learn the language of the spirit. I know that i will struggle so much with the lang in argentina but I know that if i learn the language of the spirit then i can convey the message to people. Because this message is GOd's message. It is so important for people to hear.IN class we were talking about actually asking people to commit to baptism and what are feelings are when we ask that question. and one of the Elders, Elder bellows said: "I have a feeling . . . its like when you ask someone to dance and you are waiting for the reply" haha! first off you need to know his hilarity. But we all just started to crack up! I am so excited to aske people to come unto Christ and make that promise to live a righteous life. And I know God is preparing people for that question. Lets plant those seeds!Tres semanas left!! (3 weeks) can you believe it! I am sooo excited to go. One of my favorite districts just left this morning for the field (which bytheway is white and ready for harvesting) and i so badly wnated to be them. But just like you said dad, to enjoy the time in the mtc. I know that the mtc is this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity where i can sit study for myself this gospel. day in and day out. and through doing this i have come to see even more how simple Christ's church is and how important it is. And how is makes sense.ok 3 minutes left . ..I hope all is well, sorry that my emails aren't very long or exciting. But I love all of you sooooo much and i hope that your faith is being trailed and that you are strenghtening it!oh hey mom can you send me a jump rope?loves Hermana urban

March 17, 2008

Happy Easter! Send a care package to Elissa before she leaves to Argentina on April 14th 2008!

Hermana Urban's Easter Surprise Care Package. For Family Home Evening we put together a wonderful care package for Elissa. She loves getting care packages. It doesn't have to be this elaborate. A little package with a special note and a tiny token makes her day so special and wonderful. It will be so much easier to mail her now while she is here before she leaves to Argentina in mid April. Here is her address:
Sister Elissa Marie Urban
MTC Mailbox# 272
ARG-BAS 0414
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Utah 84604-1793

Saint Patrick's Day Letter! Enjoy!

Again I have taken out the names for the respect of those she is talking about. You still can just feel the power and the Spirit through her letters. It is such an awesome experience she is having!

I got a blessing from one of the counslers in my branch presidency and then yesterday I had an interview with him. Hermano ----. He is truly inspired and I love talking with. I have never felt so much peace from when I talk to him. And in the interview he bascially jsut talked to me the whole time about who I am and my potential. He has never told a missionary to look him up after they get home but he invited me over for dinner when I get home. He wants to see even more of what I become. He also said that in 4 weeks he has never seen this much improvment in a missionary. That I was fine when I came in but i have becoem this spotlight.I have been feeling that change in myself as well. I knwo that God is molding me into something better. I am grateful for that. I am grateful for Hmo ---- and his words. Seriously, he told me amazing things that i dont have time to write. But once we give more of our will to God. we will see more and more his love and how He can change our hearts, our wills and desires.

Well, last night Sheri Dew (click here to learn more about her) came for the fireside!!!!!!!! Ihave nEVER heard her talk before and now I see why soo many people love her. She is incredibly intelligent, well-read, well-traveled, and I know that she knows that the gospel is true. I wish I had time to tell you alll that she talked about. but I dont have time. read my notes when icome home ok?So I have decieded that I want to be like her! and afterwards ME and my comp wanted to meet her so we ran up. But there was jsut this sea of elders in the way. But they all parted for us. Hermanas will a purpose coming through!! So i shook her hand and I told her that I want to be like her and she was like "no, be better!" So new insanely unattainable goal anyone?????!!!!! I will work on it.spanish is coming but daunting I have no doubt that i will be fluent but still getting to that point is hard.a district in my zone is leavign next week! I am sooo excited for them but sad to see them go. most of them are going to urugary (sp?) so who knows when i will see them again.

loves yous!

Hermana urban

March 10, 2008

Almost One Month Into Her Mission

The letters are flowing and we are so very excited about her progress. We back at home are having a blast talking to everyone about her mission and her progress. Here is her latest letter with some miss spellings. She really has very little time to write.

Well, Going on week 4 of being a missionary! I am started to freakout more and more with the fact that in about a month I will have to speak only in spanish. I have no idea HOW but but some power (from God of course!) Hopefully I will get through it. Well, this past week at our devotional Elder Holland came and talked to us. Oh my goodness did I just soak up every word - or at least tried to. He is hilarious! and so blunt! Which is very good. He talked about SOOO many things. But one thing that I loved was in his closing remarkd (which was about 15 minutes) He talked about Christ and his atoning sacrifice for you and me. he said that even when we do missionary work the right way, Christ's way that "we are going to have difficult days . . . when you feel alone . . . to think about the last hours of the Saviors life" He suffered for us. He suffered for everything - including our emotional, physical and spiritual pains. He was completely abandoned. Except for some choice women.I feel really inadequete to be writing about this subject, trying to type quickly, and paraphrasing one of the apostales words. But I know that Christ DID do this and that God DID provide a Savior for us that we may beable to return to Him one day. And have eternal Life. astounding.Also, I love the Ensign this Month!!!

Bethany, I agree with the soaking it all up. It is amazing. All dedicated to the Savior. I read the article by Elder Packer and was exhausted afterwards because of the realness and power of the Savor. This week, and last week, in the TRC we have been teaching the plan of salvation and we talk of the Saviors atonement. Packer's article is exactly how I want to convey this lesson. A concept that is hard to grasp but so important for us to know.Ok, well, the MTC is still good. I think . . . I know I need more charity in my life . . . espically that not "easily prokoved" part. I am praying for that a lot.I see people here all the time. But I have yet to see Casey . . . What is up with that? I saw Landin Smith the other day and there are people that work in the cafetria that know kendra and will say hi to me. Yeah I am pretty popular. It is funny because there are some people that I like to call MTC celebrities. They are the ones that did some musical number during a fireside or said a prayer in a group meeting. Yeah, it is pretty exciting in our little bubble within the bubble (provo).Elders are funny the other night This one elder put an ENTIRE banana is his mouth and swollowed it in under a minute. And then this guy/worker came over and said that they needed to "respect the food." It made us laugh. I know it is really lame.

Dad- I pray everynight for you and your desire for missionary work. I am insanly blessed to have you as my dad. I also pray for Randy swan, I cannot believe that! I hope he learns from the missionaries. Thanks for the political updates.

Mom- Thanks for finally writing me a little update/status on my package of sorts. also thanks for sending me the rest of my unmentionables, the letters, the musical program, and yummies. I eat too much chocolate! I have been really craving 7 layer dip - in 1.5 years i guess!

Beth- THANKS for the pictures!!! the letters!! etc!! Sorry that it taked for ever for me to reply but I really apprecitate it sooooooooooooooo much. Jusst know that. All of the elders love the pic of the fam too. they are holding out for Kendra and janelle. I have the prettiest sisters!~!Kendra- you are soooo good at writing letters. Muy Gracis! seriously! i hope you got my letter.

Janelle- remember the list of topics that i gave you? look at that and write me about one of them. include a senfield por favor. How was the musical? I miss and love you

Charlie- bark.

katy- YOU AMAZE ME!!! send me your new address I really want to write you but I have one minute left.

I am an AWFUL typer.Anyway, I hope all is well. and that life is sweet.

March 3, 2008

Elissa is concerned about teaching with the Spirit here in this letter...after reading this letter the Spirit was overflowing with me, so I am not concerned about Hermana Urban not teaching with the Spirit...This note from her Dad.

Here is her letter:

Well, I am learning a lot. I really really really want the spirit to be with me and to teach with the spirit because without it, I am not successful. the spirit truly is the convincing power that brings people to KNOW that God still speaks to his children today.

The consul of Argentina came this past week to talk to us future Argentine missionaries. This is the only country that does this - i guess. So basically he just talked about food, culture, social classes, the landscape, etc. and all I can say is that I am SOOOOOOOOO excited!!! I learned that Argentines look Italian, speak Spanish, dress like the English and eat like the french!! Cool eh?Yesterday in church I gave the closing prayer in Spanish!! can you believe it??? Church is kind of different we don;t have Sunday school, instead we have a branch council meeting type thing. and relief society is in this huge gym and we always have a speaker so we aren't really "taught" a lesson it is more like a mini general relief society conference.

OK I have ONE minute what can I tell you????????????The church is true. I wish everyone could feel this much gozo (joy) from it. I guess that is why i am on a mission. I love you

March 2, 2008

Near Leap Year Day Posting...

This is a photo with Sister Urban's missionary companion in front of the Provo, Utah temple which is next to the mission training center.

Here is Sister Urban's advice to me her Dad as I have had so much postive response to my personal Blog at and this Blog and my Newsletter:

Dad, an amazing teaching tool is to teach simple. No one can be converted without the Spirit. The Spirit teaches and touches the soul. We are just the mouth piece. Pray for the Spirt to be your guide. Have faith that God is preparing people for the Gospel and then pray to find them.

I have really have seen a wonderful amount of interest in my daugters mission. I really would love for you or your friends to learn more about this wonderful gospel teaching. Would you like to learn more about what sister Urban is teaching? If so send me an e-mail at