October 27, 2008

Halloween week... she will miss it... Not in Argentina!

Well, things are good! Hna Zollinger and I had a goal to teach 21 lessons with member which is crazy – almost record breaking. Even crazier because we walk everywhere and we need to have willing members. But we did it! Yeah. It was neat. I don't have ALL that much to say at this moment and time. I am actually really tired and hoping for a nap today. My first in a LONG time . . .Yesterday was stake conference and Bishop Keith McMullin from the bishopric came. It was very good. And it was cool to see the chapel full! I was very impressed with how many people came and looked prepared to be edified. (is that how you spell that?) SO hey Halloween is this week!! It just so happens to be my favorite holiday. I just love it. It doesn´t exist here. But there is a little Kisco that has a poster that says Halloween on it and they are invited little kids to come, or something. They also invited us. The lady was really excited showing us the little decorations she has. Haha. Well sorry that this is a short email with none of my random deep thoughts -haha.

Photos: Lunch with Delfina and Havana and their neighbor Irma, in Delfina´s home. She lives upstairs but this is the entrance.

Love you with all my heart.

Hermana urban

October 20, 2008

my this

today's e-mail, posted by Bethany

Welp another sweet week in Banfield. Things are good and the sun is out- I will probably start getting some great sister missionary tan lines pretty soon. Yesterday was Mother's Day in Argentina. Making me think about my mommy. I love you! President and Hermana Asay came to our ward yesterday and President gave a little talk – so good!!! I was so happy because we had an investigator in church, Lily, who is such a great mom and woman and I know she really enjoyed his talk. Lily is sooo cute. She is in her 40´s but looks like her 20´s – she has kept really good care of herself. She came to church in 4-inch heels with her makeup all done. It was great. I just think she is great.

After church we had lunch with Hermana Mino and her family. Hermana Mino is a little lady who is actually the mammita for the mission home. Meaning she helps with cleaning, and cooking. Her and Hermana Asay have become really good friends, and Hermana Asay has taught her a few American tricks. So yesterday for lunch we had mashed potatoes, roast beef, and gravy! The beef isn´t much of a surprise, but with the gravy! It was just a happy little moment. But Hermana Mino and her family are amazing. They are what a family should be. She raised her kids in the gospel and they are firm in the faith. We just feel so happy there. It is not our home or our family or our language or anything – but the feelings are there.

There is this lady that lives by us who has been involved with drugs for 17 years: which is a lot considering she is 31. It is so sad. She has a lot of potential. We will stop and chat, give her some hope and light. The problem is, the drugs have just completely taken over her. She does not have a lot of room to think for herself. Unfortunately, we as missionaries, can´t do much to help her. I know the gospel. But it made me think – It doesn't not matter your status in society, the country you live in, the language you speak. The things of the world destroy the soul. I think of people I know, in nice suburbs of Denver, who are living the exact same life as this lady. But on the other hand, It is the same with love. Just a couple streets over from here we felt so much love and comfort in the home of Hermana Mino. I am grateful that I can distinguish between the things of Satan and the things of God.

We have been seeing some great reactivation into the church lately. We read the talk "the concern for the one" by Joseph B. Wirthlin from April conference with the Ullua family. I have never seen such attention from them. I think that if everyone in the world would read . . . no not just read, but Apply these things, the world would be a much better place.

I really like working in this here broax of Argentina.

Hey Natalie Smith: I knew you could do it and I am sooooo happy for you!!!!

Well, that is about all for today.

I love you all. Sorry there is a lack of pics – no camera plug in thing. But hey I didn't get any emails . (big cry!)

Hermanita Urban

October 16, 2008

A Special Couple Came To Town! The House of the Lord...the most special place on Earth!

Buenos Aires Temple...They just announced the 2nd Temple to be built in Argentina!

Note from Dad...and then Elissa's letter. This is Jim here...seeing pictures like this is a real treat. Looking at these pictures is no different than if you were going to the Temple in the States. This sacred building yes is just a building...but is dedicated to the Lord as his house. Special ordinances are performed here for the living and those who died who didn't get the opportunity to hear or accept God's saving ordinances. If you have not heard of this before you must ask me more about it. It follows history of God's chosen people throughout history who were commanded to build Temples. Remember Solomon's Temple? Sure you do. There were actually others who were also commanded to build Temples even hundred even thousands of years ago. Today is no different. I love our church because it is following this charge and we are a Temple building people. Heavenly Father smiles when we build another Temple... here is Elissa's letter...

¡Hola todos!

This week has been crazy. Today we took our p-day because we went to the temple today! The transport was long. But it was very nice. And I made the Hermanas in my zone wear their "Judy dresses". Because we all have them and I still haven´t found the courage to go full sister missionary look yet so I found friends to do it with me! haha.

Um Last Night was amazing.We had a special little visit from someone known as Elder Russell M Nelson and his wife Wendy (General Authority from the church). It was really cool. I sat front center. I shook his hand and hugged Wendy. Love her. The whole mission gathered together and we all sat and talked doctrine with an apostle. He ended by giving us a blessing, and apostolic blessing, as if he was touching each of our heads. It was so amazing.

Being a missionary is a huge blessing. It was the best decision of my life thus far. I learn so much from things that I see and experience everyday.

There is an amazing family that are new to the church Delfina (mom), Ivan (son, 21) and Hevvana (daughter 15). They are an amazing family - if I could I would be with them 24/7. Their lives have completely changed from the gospel and they are so willing to share it with everyone. Ivan through a party the other day just so we could come by and talk with people. so we are going to start teaching them. it was actually a funny and awkward experience this so called party. But I loved it.

Our mission is huge! There are about 209 of us. We are having a lot of success. We are the most improving and most baptizing mission of all Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. They are sending lots of missionaries here because it is doing so well. I know that it is because of obedience.
Without this factor there is no way that this work could progress.

Well, anyway, out of this precious time, I must go. Elder Nelson mentioned that my loved ones will blessed while I am away. So just so you know.

Hermana Urban

October 7, 2008

Pictures Speak A Thousand Words...Elissa had a Birthday September 27th and is now 22!

Elissa was intrigued with the fact that San Vicente had a circus come to town!

She looks like they treated her well on her Birthday!

This is Elissa's Dad...Pictures are so loved by friends and family back home because just seeing some of the wonderful things that are going on make it so exciting. You know these same wonderful things are going on right here in our home town (Denver). Don't be shy...because I get asked on a regular basis how Elissa is doing. It is so fun to find different ways to answer that question. Lets get together for lunch and talk about our children and how they are doing. Something as significant as having a daughter on a mission in Argentina can lead to wonderful conversation :) Enjoy this letter-

Well, my family of mine things are good here in the Argentine world. The area that I am in right now is like the broax of New York but in Argentina. The streets are a little confusing but I will get it. We have an investigator that works at a fruit stand and he always gives us fruit - delicious!!! The Book of Mormon is changing his life! I love the church!! Did you not just LOVE conference?? Wow that was sooo good! Mario, our fruit man, came to the last session! We watched it with him. But both morning sessions we watched in English - my native tongue! Saturday night we worked and we had a great experience running into a lady who has 2 grandchildren on a mission. She is catholic. She told us that her son (who is a bishop) and his family has been praying for the missionaries (us) to find her. So this lady, Fina, has been waiting for us. cool! So we just chat with her about her family. Her husband had an accident and now cannot walk or talk. She says it is like raising a child again. Her spirits were down and told us that God sent us to her so we could lift her spirits. We have plans to go back and sings songs to her husband and help her out. We left completely stunned. We so badly wanted to watch the general conference session but there is a reason why we did not. I love being a part of Christ´s Church.

Things are good, the sun is coming out. It is going to be crazy hot soon. I really love being a missionary. My life is changing as I am helping change others. I love you all soooooo much and miss you sooo much!!! Thanks for writing (those who do . . . ) Because YOU ROCK!!! and if you don't - then you should... ha ha

Hermana Urban