October 7, 2008

Pictures Speak A Thousand Words...Elissa had a Birthday September 27th and is now 22!

Elissa was intrigued with the fact that San Vicente had a circus come to town!

She looks like they treated her well on her Birthday!

This is Elissa's Dad...Pictures are so loved by friends and family back home because just seeing some of the wonderful things that are going on make it so exciting. You know these same wonderful things are going on right here in our home town (Denver). Don't be shy...because I get asked on a regular basis how Elissa is doing. It is so fun to find different ways to answer that question. Lets get together for lunch and talk about our children and how they are doing. Something as significant as having a daughter on a mission in Argentina can lead to wonderful conversation :) Enjoy this letter-

Well, my family of mine things are good here in the Argentine world. The area that I am in right now is like the broax of New York but in Argentina. The streets are a little confusing but I will get it. We have an investigator that works at a fruit stand and he always gives us fruit - delicious!!! The Book of Mormon is changing his life! I love the church!! Did you not just LOVE conference?? Wow that was sooo good! Mario, our fruit man, came to the last session! We watched it with him. But both morning sessions we watched in English - my native tongue! Saturday night we worked and we had a great experience running into a lady who has 2 grandchildren on a mission. She is catholic. She told us that her son (who is a bishop) and his family has been praying for the missionaries (us) to find her. So this lady, Fina, has been waiting for us. cool! So we just chat with her about her family. Her husband had an accident and now cannot walk or talk. She says it is like raising a child again. Her spirits were down and told us that God sent us to her so we could lift her spirits. We have plans to go back and sings songs to her husband and help her out. We left completely stunned. We so badly wanted to watch the general conference session but there is a reason why we did not. I love being a part of Christ´s Church.

Things are good, the sun is coming out. It is going to be crazy hot soon. I really love being a missionary. My life is changing as I am helping change others. I love you all soooooo much and miss you sooo much!!! Thanks for writing (those who do . . . ) Because YOU ROCK!!! and if you don't - then you should... ha ha

Hermana Urban

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Lindsay said...

You really seem to be changing those poeple´s lives. It is beautiful to see how others benefit from your actions. I travelled on a mission too once. I went with some doctors to the poorest provinces of Argentina to provide hospitals with medical supplies. Then, after that, I decided to rent apartments in buenos aires and stay there for a while. I realized people there have such a good heart, they are all missionaries!