November 25, 2007

Enjoy This Blog....Opening day

Today I started this Blog for Elissa. On October 15th I got a phone call from Elissa about about 11:00 AM. I was at my office. she said she got her mission call. She had applied weeks ago and had to do her preparations in order to have our Stake President push the right buttons to request her mission call. Finally on that day back in Oct/07 she called me and I got Susan on the call for a 3 way conference call. She opened her letter and after reading her letter that she was going to Argentina we all started screaming for joy. We were so excited for her. We are so excited for her and so is all our friends and family. She has a deep conviction for the Savior and to share her faith. She will bring much light and with the help of the Holy Ghost she will be an instrument in the hands of the Lord! Love...from the Urban's

Elissa Marie Urban My 2nd Daughter Has Been Called On A Mission!

Elissa Elissa our 21 year old submitted her papers to go on a mission and has just been called to serve in Buenos Aires, Argentina! She will report to the Mission Training Center on February 13th, 2008!


We are so proud and excited for the decision she has made. This is a 18 month trip and will be serving with other sister missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Her main focus will be to spread a gospel message to the people in this area. The absolute focus is teaching others who are willing to listen to a message about Jesus Christ and Christian teachings.

Here are some fun pictures to look at...Widest_street_in_the_world_2

Widest Street in the world!

Her smile and sweet spirit will shine!


Mt. Fitzroy, Patagonia, Argentina



Iguazu Falls, Argentina...we sure live in a beautiful world!

We love our Elissa and will miss her, but know she is called by inspiration to serve here!