February 25, 2008

Here is Elissa's latest letter to us. The names have been blotted out to protect our servants in the MTC
Ok well, this week has been great!! I continue to feel so blessed to be here. Random moments at meal time or gym or firesides I will look around and become amazed at how ALL of these missionaries will bring at least someone to the gospel; and how ALL of these missionaries are worthy members that have lived their lives in such a way to be here. I get a little inspired. The elders in my district are like brothers to me. (they are my brothers!) But they are so fun and we are like a family.
My teachers names are Bro ---- and Bro ---- (bethany i read a bit of your email so you get a question answered!) They are AMAZING!! bro ---- taught this amazing lesson this week - i forget the topic (I could easily look it up - but once again lack of time). He teaches with this calming power, his voice is amazing, he could be a future apostle. During his lesson he said: "Believe . . . That is really all I say . . . believe that it is possible." That moment is so special to me. What I felt is so special to me.
Bro ----- is actually engaged to one of the BYU womens volleyball players! cool eh? All I know is that his children will be so smart!
Bro ---- reminds me of someone that I would have hung out with before the mission. He is so funny. But when he busts out the spirituality it is a powerhouse.
I love my companion. there is no coincodence that we are together. We learn so much from each other. I wish I could find ways to serve her more. I feel like she is always serving me.
Dad- those ideas are great! Your desire of missionary work motivates me! I am so happy that this is opening doors. Please tell your friends that I got the book and I am excited to read it. I will try to write them a thank you card if i can. i really got to go.
Hermana Urban

February 18, 2008

Here is Elissa's first letter to us by e-mail:

ok sorry if this email is no bueno. I don't have a lot of time to type. The MTC is great. There is so much joy to be felt in this work. I am so happy right now. It could because last night was just a power house of spirituality with church, fireside, and night with MTC president. and then this morning, in the wee hours, we went to the temple. The happiness factor may change when I am in the middle of the week and trying to learn espanol, trying to improve my lesson teaching skills, etc.That is when we start to get fraustrated with being a missionary. The first couple of days were brutal. I was so tired but when we FINALLY got a small amount of time for the gym I just ran around and my mind was refreshed and I felt so much better. Everyone says "hello Elders" or "hi Hermanas/sisters" it is an adjustment to not say "hey guys."
I really like the cookies here and I eat them. which is not a very good idea.
I am learning so much about obiedence - it is so important and I remember Katie Rose when she came back from her mission she said that "obiedence IS the reward." When we have the desire to do what God wants us to do, it becomes a blessing and an opportunity instead of a burden. Ok I really got to go.

February 17, 2008

Sending Elissa on her mission is everything from...










Here are some pictures of the JOY we felt as we were celebrating the last few days before we dropped Elissa off for 1 1/2 years on her Mission journey to Buenos Aires, Argentina. She will be in the Mission Training Center for 2 months.

P1000717 We spent some time at Temple Square in Salt Lake City viewing and visiting some sites.

P1000723 From Left to Right:

Elissa, Bethany, Kendra, Susan, and Janelle...I am taking the picture.

P1000724 Salt Lake Temple...if you look at the top of the steeple you will see a statue of the Angel Moroni who was the last of the Nephites in the Book of Mormon to survive. He was able to bury the plates of brass that would later be given to Joseph Smith the founder of today's LDS church.

P1000735 Cafe Rio in Provo...one of our favorite places to stop and get a bite!

P1000741 Elissa's last few pictures before she reports to training.

P1000747 Another good one!

P1000757 Here is her address if you want to write her while she is in training until April 14th.

P1000761 Our entire little family.

Casey & Bethany, Kendra, Elissa, Susan & Jim, and Janelle.

P1000763 Her Missionary Badge!

This is awesome!

P1000767 Elissa, you are a special spirit.

She will teach lessons about a special message to those people in Argentina. There are 5 special lessons she will teach in Spanish that will change lives. Lessons about the sacred teachings about Heavenly Fathers special plan for all of us. If you are interested in learning more about the lessons that are taught a great start would be to e-mail me at: jim@homereferralteam.net . We have missionaries in this area that teach these lessons too. You can learn more about this wonderful message of Christ that is taught.

February 10, 2008

A Fantastic Sending Off Celebration at Grandmas House...

We all had a wonderful time before she left!

Elissa with Luke & Jerimiah

Luke giving Elissa a goodbye letter and picture to the right...Rebecca giving a goodbye letter

Grandma & Grandpa Urban goodbye for now!

Right picture: Elissa with Rachel Ballard

Dixie Grange with Elissa, and right Phil & Amanda Dad's friends wishing Elissa all the best!

John Grange and Dixie enjoying food and conversation!

February 3, 2008

Having fun with our missionaries one week before we leave to take Elissa to the MTC

Missionary_dessert Every once in a while we have our young friends the missionaries over for dinner. We have a special dessert called the missionary dessert. We coined it "The Missionary Dessert" when several years ago we had one of the missionaries who was named Elder Heath. This dessert has Heath bar crumbs in it. We always love to surprise these fine young men when they come over with our huge dessert with lots of chocolate, whip cream, brownies, and heath bar. Their eyes always light up. These two fine men are Elder Johnson (on the right) and Elder Larmouth (on the left). If you are friends of ours we would love for you to join us someday with the missionaries for some "Missionary Dessert!"