August 24, 2009

A final quick note from her final e-mail from Argentina

I will be forever ever ever ever grateful for this experience and for those that made it possible. But it wasn´t for me. It was for the Lord.

so this is all i will say for now.

Hermana Urban

August 23, 2009

8 days left

Hermana Urban has 8 days left. You know in any other situation it might seem like a nice trip to a foreign land. Considering that she has been there 18 months 8 days is nothing. I loved her last posting that she has so much to do with so little time. We have heard of other missionaries called to this part of the world so the work will continue there and it will continue here! If you are interested in a Denver greeting airport party... please let me know

P.S. The reason for the time expired is she is slightly after 18 months and she is still there :)

August 18, 2009

Loving Every Minute

First off, a happy welcome to the twenties to Kendra!!!
Second off, the wind was insane the other day!! We were riding the good ol´ bikes against the wind on a LONG dirt road. Gotta love campo. But this is the problem: We wear skirts!!! haha! so we had to ride our bikes standing (not seated, yeah?) we were in a hurry so we were trying to make good time. It was quite the trip and I loved it!!! haha. If I worked anything off, don´t worry I ate plently the next day. Jorge invited us and some other peeps to go to his house and have lunch. He goes to a cooking class and is a really good cook. He made home made noodles with sauce and emanadas. And then Hermana Eva made an insane desert, with cream. So we passed lunch together and it is soooooooo great to see Jorge sooooooo happy.
Bueno, nada mas.
Things are great, I am still in love with monte and the people. There just isn´t enough time to do all we want to do.
But we are serving and loving the people.
Hermana Urban

August 16, 2009

2 weeks home bound...

As much as we want Elissa to focus on her last little bit in Argentina we can't help to think about how soon she will be back. We are so excited for her honorable mission and how we allowed her to give up 18 months of her life for people we never have met. Well, it isn't giving up anything! It has made us realize more than ever that life isn't about making is about our friends, family, neighbors and the people we work and associate with and serving these people by informing them about Heavenly Father and helping him fulfill his plan. Just as this picture of this plane is a blur her mission has gone by in a flash. Whenever you think about the past 18 months and her being gone it has seemed like such a long time. Now that we are almost looking back it has flown by. Sincerely, Elissa's Dad

August 12, 2009

Are We Excited to have Elissa Back soon??!!

I'm sure you can only guess? If you had a smart, courageous and pretty young daughter who took 18 months out of her life to spread the most important message in the world would you feel? Would you feel proud? Would you feel scared? Would you feel happy? Would you feel timid? Would you feel excited? Would you feel humble? Would you worried? Would you feel ecstatic? All I can say is we here in our home have felt these and more. Elissa will be home in about 17 days and just in time to meet her new nephew! Bethany her sister is having a baby just about the same time Elissa gets home on September 1st 2009.

The Urban's

August 10, 2009

Life's challenges can lead to testimonies of our Savior...22 days left in Argentina!

Look at what Irma made for me!!!
warm cozy stockings!!

This is me with the lemon tree outside of my porch. I Love Monte.

This is a man with style if I knew anyone.

Marta teaching us, the relief society how to make
home-made noodles. DELICIOUS!!

(sorry sometimes i rather have the pics talk instead of me typing lots)

so here is a little story:

We found this great married couple. They are in their 50-60s and in Argentine years that is a little older then in US years. (my own opinion) So anyway, they are progressing and have goals to get baptized. Marta, the wife, is hilarious. But yesterday she was acting like a completly different person. throwing things, yelling, just going crazy. She told her husband to leave the room because she wanted to talk to us alone. I was like ". . . ah . . .what to do ?. . . " Julio, her husband, peacfully left the room and she told us that the spirit of his 1st wife has control over her body. And she wants help. But, honestly she was 2 different people yesterday. We talked about the priesthood a little bit and left her with a prayer. And after that she was normal marta again. The thing that is crazy - is that is not the first time I have seen or heard about these types of things while on the mission. We talk with so many people, get into so many peoples lives that MY life will never be the same.

But the church is true.
hermana urban

August 3, 2009

quench not the spirit

So we were traveling by trains to zone conference. And me and another hermana decided that we wanted to sing some hymns for the people doing their daily travel. So we did while our comps talked with the people. The trains can be a little hectic and me and me comp were separated. I, with the other hermanas, got off on our stop. But my companion didn´t. SO we had to wait for her to come back - while we waited we took pics in this cool graffiti place.

Me and the comp Hermana Delgado at Zone conference.

Baptism of Jorge!! He was soo happy and got up to bore his testimony during sacrament meeting. Yay for him!

and Gaston trying to stay warm by the heater. awesome.

As for updates:

Andres and Silivia are sill amazing!! Yesterday they shared with us their testimonies of the blessings they have received from the gospel. They are truly an amazing family, that has a strong desire to be an eternal family. Siliva has some document issues and wasn´t able to vote and is unable to make a date to get married. So the process will take a little longer but they are doing real good.

Hugo continues with his many many doubts. He was actually in the hospital for 10 days and we couldn´t talk with him. But he still has a huge desire to understand the mysteries of God. I am actually typing in the ciber that he owns. We are gonna keep him in our prayers.

Well love you all. Things are good. We are finding new people everyday. And Janelle, I too found a bike!!!! YAY!!!!

here is a scripture I feel in love with this morning: ! Thessalonians 5:19 "Quench not the spirit" - How is Paul SOOO genius?? oh maybe because he was a prophet. But he still impresses me.

your hermanita Urban

angels : july 27

I am spending most of my internet time trying to send ya´ll photos so I hope this is successful.
We went to the temple as a branch and it was GREAT! We had investigators come. We stayed outside with some people and whilst in the waiting area I got out my new coloring books (thanks to the best mom in the whole wide world). There was a huge group of kids and toddlers all dressed in white waiting to be sealed to their families. I cannot explain it but for one minute I saw "it." I saw and understood in my mind God´s plan for us. And I wanted everyone to have it as well. But anyway amongst the coloring a little girl/angel came up to me, found my colored pencils and started drawing. sooooo cute!

A recent convert Rosa saw and entered the temple for the first time as well. She did baptisms. and her granddaughter who comes to church every Sunday also came with us. We are big buds. I love her lots.

Temple trip. Super fun.

I heart the Young Women!!! (and Lisa Runyon!!!!)

New Vintage dress. FUN!

who doesn´t want to lick the frosting of REAL chocolate home goodness by Hermana Asay?!