April 27, 2009


We keep working hard in Monte. We have little miracles daily, so I cannot complain.

On Saturday we had a branch activity!! YAY!!! we went to Rosa´s house and painted the outside. It was great. I will send some sweet pics next week. But Rosa was so grateful. She said the closing prayer at church yesterday and just about broke down with gratitude for the service that the members did. It was a such a fun afternoon and we had a ton of investigators that came too.

I also directed a girls choir in the Primary. SO fun!! Actually only one out of the 4 girls is a member of the church. So it was great for the girls and their families to see them sing and participate. I think it would be the hardest thing ever to be a little girl and not have the gospel. So I am happy to help these 3 little girls actually KNOW who they are; which is a child of God . . . someone very special.

We were unable to teach Rosmeri and kids this week. So hard to find them all together sometimes. But I am going to keep my faith and keep working.

Well I love you all and hope all is well. Keep the faith. God loves you. Trust Him and the miracles will happen. I promise.

Hermanita Urban

April 21, 2009

No Rest...the work must go on

Well my dears,
Just another week in paradise. The work doesn´t get easier, my bag gets heavier, 6:30 am never feels like a restful time; but the spirit grows, the lights that were once dimmed in peoples faces becomes brighter again and it makes it worth it.

After a very worriedly week for me, concerning Rosmeri and kids, I feel better about it. We had a good little lesson how the only way we can know the things about God is to ask the big guy ourselves. So I will continue to pray that they pray.

Today, hence the reason why I am writing later then the usual, we had a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with Family Orellano. They are the coolest. Pres Orellano, after 8 months of being a member of the church become the president of the branch and has held that position for 12 years. His kids are the only youth and I basically love them. Here is a pic of us playing a sweet game . . . these are the kind of parties I go to currently. Don´t even worry about it.

Also today we stayed in Monte (which I love to do) for our Pday. Other hermanas from our Zone came and we had an Asado (bbq). I made a salad like we know it: Lettuce, carrots, and other veggies, also some grapes. The other girls thought I was crazy and were hesitant to try it. But I enjoyed some actual fruitage and vegage. Because it doesn´t exist in the diet the other days of the week.

Cyber: I am currently listening to "my heart will go on" translated to Spanish. Keep rocking you cyber sound system.

Hermanita Urban

April 18, 2009

from elissa on april 13th

Divisions . . . oh and the Luna and the Laguna in Monte:

I went to visit an investigator who just so happened to be with a recent convert. We taught the plan of salvation. The real milagro of all of this is that the daughter of the recent convert, Diana, sat and talked with us. We have been wanted to teach her for 4 months. She heard a testimony from Hermana Eva about how she will be able to be with her child in the heavens that died as a baby. Diana just recently lost her baby and has worried that this baby will go to hell because he wasn't baptized. Through the charla she felt the spirit telling her that she will be able to be with her baby again. Everyone benefited from the lesson. The members, the recent convert, our investigator, Diana, and me! yay!!

Hermanita Urban

April 8, 2009

General Conference

The San Miguel de Monte Branch of Buenos Aires Argentina travel to the stake center to watch conference. Hermana Urban and Hermana Gatica from Chile greet people as they enter.

April 6, 2009

Pray For Families...

Elissa's Dad here...don't you love how Elissa always says "Pray For Families" at the end of her letters... isn't it nice to know that she recognizes how important families are! The family is becoming a lost and troubled unit. Save the family because it is ordained from God for here and the here after...

Here is Hermana's letter:

“Scripture itself points . . away from itself and to the Fact that final and true authority belongs to God himself” N Wright, New Testament Scholar. Thinking about that statement has made me realize more and more how much I must rely on my Father in Heaven. The scriptures are great. We feel great when we read them because the feelings come directly from someone in the heavens watching over us. But scripture makes us turn to the Lord; in prayer, in mediation.

I try to turn more to God little by little, day by day. Because He is the ultimate source of knowledge. And boy do I have soooo many questions.

Everything is going great. Dora came to church. I think she was a little intimated when she went to Sunday School, instead of gospel principles (we don´t have one). But next week we will just teach the class for her. We finally chatted with Rosmeri and she is just such a delight and needs God in her life. She said that her visit helped her a lot and that she wants to continue increasing her faith in God.

Again with the couples mission! It would be the best thing ever! If you want to serve come to Monte with your cute spouse!

Sorry i barely wrote anything. But gotta go. Love you all. The gospel is real.

Hermanita Urban

Pray for families.