April 27, 2009


We keep working hard in Monte. We have little miracles daily, so I cannot complain.

On Saturday we had a branch activity!! YAY!!! we went to Rosa´s house and painted the outside. It was great. I will send some sweet pics next week. But Rosa was so grateful. She said the closing prayer at church yesterday and just about broke down with gratitude for the service that the members did. It was a such a fun afternoon and we had a ton of investigators that came too.

I also directed a girls choir in the Primary. SO fun!! Actually only one out of the 4 girls is a member of the church. So it was great for the girls and their families to see them sing and participate. I think it would be the hardest thing ever to be a little girl and not have the gospel. So I am happy to help these 3 little girls actually KNOW who they are; which is a child of God . . . someone very special.

We were unable to teach Rosmeri and kids this week. So hard to find them all together sometimes. But I am going to keep my faith and keep working.

Well I love you all and hope all is well. Keep the faith. God loves you. Trust Him and the miracles will happen. I promise.

Hermanita Urban

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