March 31, 2009

All Signs point to a true missionary in this post

This is Elissa's Dad again. Every week is a new surprise and delight hearing from Hermana Urban. She is doing so well and it is because of all our friends, prayers, letters, encouragement that she moves forward with the work. Can you believe in only a short 5 months she will be home. I am very happy and sad at the same time. She really has done so well I dread to see it end. The beauty is it doesn't have to end! We would love to let the missionary Spirit continue here at home. Let us be a light for you and those you know that are ready to hear this great message of love and hope! This invitation will be kept confidential. Just e-mail me at

and now her letter this week...

“Scripture itself points . . away from itself and to the Fact that final and true authority belongs to God himself” N Wright, New Testament Scholar. Thinking about that statement has made me realize more and more how much I must rely on my Father in Heaven. The scriptures are great. We feel great when we read them because the feelings come directly from someone in the heavens watching over us. But scripture makes us turn to the Lord; in prayer, in mediation.

I try to turn more to God little by little, day by day. Because He is the ultimate source of knowledge. And boy do I have soooo many questions.

Everything is going great. Dora came to church. I think she was a little intimated when she went to Sunday School, instead of gospel principles (we don´t have one). But next week we will just teach the class for her. We finally chatted with Rosmeri and she is just such a delight and needs God in her life. She said that her visit helped her a lot and that she wants to continue increasing her faith in God.

Again with the couples mission! It would be the best thing ever! If you want to serve come to Monte with your cute spouse!

Sorry I barely wrote anything. But gotta go. Love you all. The gospel is real.

Hermanita Urban

Pray for families.

March 24, 2009

the weekly

la estrella:

happy birthday grandma!!!


el tren:

So this first week of the transfer was an exciting one. After lots of travel we were able to work a ton and do some damage. My companion is called Hermana Gatica, she is from Chile. I felt soooooo bad after one day’s work her feet were covered with blisters. But they are getting better now. We had some great experiences this week. One lady named Betty: She at first was very cold to us, but because her friends are members of the church she started to have a little more interest. After we had a little visit with her I asked if she could say the closing prayer. She started to cry during her prayer and express the things that she had in her heart to her Father in Heaven. I love that. To witness someone go to the Lord in a humble prayer and gain a relationship with him is really a privilege that I have as a missionary, as a person.
We were also able to do divisions this week. Hna Gatica went with Silvia Orellano (RS president and wife of the branch president). They went to visit Dora and talked about the Ten Commandments as well as repentance. They all felt the spirit witness to them that these things come from someone that loves them and cares for them (aka God) and gained more “Umph” to do it.

Basically God exists. And so does His son Jesucristo. I am grateful for the faith that I have and happy that I can live in accordance with this knowledge.

Say your prayers. He hears you!

Anyway, love you. Jesus loves you more.
Hermanita Urban

March 17, 2009

Radio Show...Wow how cool is this!

I cannot believe how fast the last 6 weeks went. It honestly feels like it didn´t even exist. Today marks the first day of another transfer and I cannot believe it but Hermana Ingoldsby left me! She is off to another area. We might´ve cried. I don´t know who my new companion is she comes from the MTC tomorrow. She is a Latina. So that means that I am training and only spanish. I am excited but nervous as well. I hope I do a good job. Gosh I am just so amazed at how fast this transfer went by. I cried in transfer meeting because it is so scary how fast time seems to be going.

The Rama needs a lot of help and it kind of stresses me out. But I just need to be patient and little by little we will see some great improvements. We don´t have every many investigators. Dora has a baptismal date!!! I am really happy about that!!! But we are still going to have to work super hard. Javier (of Javier and Rosmeri) is moving. Which makes me really sad. But I still have a lot of hope to teach her and the kids. They are the smartest kids I have every met in my life and I love them so much.

The radio show went well again. We talked about families. and Jaun Carlos is expecting us every Wednesday now. He is really great. I am going to make him cookies or something and give him a Book of Mormon. I hope to find some people from this.

Well Love you all so much! God loves you.

March 12, 2009


The comps:

Noche De Hogar with Ericka and her family and her friend Ana Maria. We played UNO!

the Radio show!

We are trying so hard to find these days.

On a sad sad note: We went to Ericka´s house to visit her, do a little teaching, the usual. But this time the walls were all bare!! Why??? Something was definitely off. So We sat down and she told us that she was moving! The next day! Oh my goodness!! Our best investigator is leaving us. I wanted to cry so badly. Because after hours of rejection and not a lot of success ONE good visit with Ericka made it all better. Unfortunately it was true. Fortunately she is moving to Brandsen, not very far away and there are hermanas over there. We called the other missionaries and she talked to them on the phone to feel more comfortable. We gave kisses and hugs and said goodbyes. But I know that this move will be good in the sense that her husband wont have to travel so much = more time at home = more time to talk with the missionaries.

So we were doing contacts the other day. We started to talk with this one guy named Juan Carlos. He told us that he owns and radio in Monte and that we should come check it out. So we walked over with him to his radion station 107.7 “El SOL” He is apparently a well known man in Monte that does a lot of charity work and tries to help people out all the time. So we are BFF´s already (I don´t think he knows). But then he invited us to come again to the radio and he would give us some air time to talk about what we want to talk about. YES!! So we had this little radio gig. SO fun! We were really nervous but it turned out really well. He didn´t interview us or anything. We just explained the Restoration and how God loves us! And we also sang a song “Divina Luz.” He invited us back. Now the sister missionaries in Monte have a little radio show!

The next day we were doing contacts (again trying to find) and clapped a house. This women walked out and said: “oh you are the chicas from the radio!” She invited us in, we chatted and then she came to church! He name is Dora and we are very content. Well, I am gonna work on sending some pics.

I love yous alls!!!
The church is true.
Hermanita Urban

March 2, 2009


Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting. Hermano and Hermana Eva are a couple from the stake that come every Sunday to help out the branch as their calling. They are like our parents on Sundays and I love it. Hermano Eva asked us to bare our testimonies in English, It was a really great simple experience. Both Hermana Inglodsby and I shared our testimonies, it was a little weird because we haven´t done that in a long time. But I noticed many of the members wiping tears off their faces. I cannot get over the fact that we feel with the spirit and not so much what is said. It works in all aspects of life.

We are teaching 2 great families. Ericka and her two sons. And Rosmeri and her kids. The problem is trying to get all of them together. We really need to teach the men of the families. Without them it is really hard for everyone else to progress. We had a Noche de Hogar with Ericka and her boys. We watched The Restoration and playing UNO. They loved it. But we have yet to met her husband. But he has seen these amazing changes in Ericka that he wants to meet us, he is just never at home. This week we will meet him sí o sí. Rosmeri is this amazingly nice lady, she is a nurse and is such a good mom. Her dad actually is a member, but lives in Uruguay and hasn´t gone to church for a long time. And Rosmeri´s husband is the son of a recent convert here in Monte. We have met him and he is really great too. This is exactly what Monte needs! Families and leadership. I love it here. And there is a ton of work to do, it´s just hard getting it on its feet.

If anyone wants to serve a couples mission let me know ASAP! And President Asay can call you and then maybe you can serve with me here in Monte!!!!! There is nothing cooler then leaving your home, learning a language, and telling people about the things that mean most to you.

We are walking so much (like usual) but I think it will help me train for when I do the Amazing Race.

Well, I love all of you and miss you lots. I cannot believe it is March, yay for March.
That means summer will soon cease.

Hermana Urban