March 17, 2009

Radio Show...Wow how cool is this!

I cannot believe how fast the last 6 weeks went. It honestly feels like it didn´t even exist. Today marks the first day of another transfer and I cannot believe it but Hermana Ingoldsby left me! She is off to another area. We might´ve cried. I don´t know who my new companion is she comes from the MTC tomorrow. She is a Latina. So that means that I am training and only spanish. I am excited but nervous as well. I hope I do a good job. Gosh I am just so amazed at how fast this transfer went by. I cried in transfer meeting because it is so scary how fast time seems to be going.

The Rama needs a lot of help and it kind of stresses me out. But I just need to be patient and little by little we will see some great improvements. We don´t have every many investigators. Dora has a baptismal date!!! I am really happy about that!!! But we are still going to have to work super hard. Javier (of Javier and Rosmeri) is moving. Which makes me really sad. But I still have a lot of hope to teach her and the kids. They are the smartest kids I have every met in my life and I love them so much.

The radio show went well again. We talked about families. and Jaun Carlos is expecting us every Wednesday now. He is really great. I am going to make him cookies or something and give him a Book of Mormon. I hope to find some people from this.

Well Love you all so much! God loves you.

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Anonymous said...

Woot! I'm sure there will be countless people touched by your awesome sister missionary radio show. Awesome!