March 12, 2009


The comps:

Noche De Hogar with Ericka and her family and her friend Ana Maria. We played UNO!

the Radio show!

We are trying so hard to find these days.

On a sad sad note: We went to Ericka´s house to visit her, do a little teaching, the usual. But this time the walls were all bare!! Why??? Something was definitely off. So We sat down and she told us that she was moving! The next day! Oh my goodness!! Our best investigator is leaving us. I wanted to cry so badly. Because after hours of rejection and not a lot of success ONE good visit with Ericka made it all better. Unfortunately it was true. Fortunately she is moving to Brandsen, not very far away and there are hermanas over there. We called the other missionaries and she talked to them on the phone to feel more comfortable. We gave kisses and hugs and said goodbyes. But I know that this move will be good in the sense that her husband wont have to travel so much = more time at home = more time to talk with the missionaries.

So we were doing contacts the other day. We started to talk with this one guy named Juan Carlos. He told us that he owns and radio in Monte and that we should come check it out. So we walked over with him to his radion station 107.7 “El SOL” He is apparently a well known man in Monte that does a lot of charity work and tries to help people out all the time. So we are BFF´s already (I don´t think he knows). But then he invited us to come again to the radio and he would give us some air time to talk about what we want to talk about. YES!! So we had this little radio gig. SO fun! We were really nervous but it turned out really well. He didn´t interview us or anything. We just explained the Restoration and how God loves us! And we also sang a song “Divina Luz.” He invited us back. Now the sister missionaries in Monte have a little radio show!

The next day we were doing contacts (again trying to find) and clapped a house. This women walked out and said: “oh you are the chicas from the radio!” She invited us in, we chatted and then she came to church! He name is Dora and we are very content. Well, I am gonna work on sending some pics.

I love yous alls!!!
The church is true.
Hermanita Urban


Anonymous said...

Hermana Urban, you and Hna Ingoldsby look beautiful! I love that picture of you guys at the radio station.

(I know Hna. Urban doesn't read these but someday she might! :))

Anyway, I LOVE that you are celebrities in Argentina now! That is seriously amazing! The church is true! And that is all.

Jim Urban..Your Friend in the Real Estate Business said...


You bet that Elissa will someday read all these. You are so nice for making this nice comment.

You must be a really nice friend of Elissa. They are amazing and beautiful missionaries in many ways.