March 24, 2009

the weekly

la estrella:

happy birthday grandma!!!


el tren:

So this first week of the transfer was an exciting one. After lots of travel we were able to work a ton and do some damage. My companion is called Hermana Gatica, she is from Chile. I felt soooooo bad after one day’s work her feet were covered with blisters. But they are getting better now. We had some great experiences this week. One lady named Betty: She at first was very cold to us, but because her friends are members of the church she started to have a little more interest. After we had a little visit with her I asked if she could say the closing prayer. She started to cry during her prayer and express the things that she had in her heart to her Father in Heaven. I love that. To witness someone go to the Lord in a humble prayer and gain a relationship with him is really a privilege that I have as a missionary, as a person.
We were also able to do divisions this week. Hna Gatica went with Silvia Orellano (RS president and wife of the branch president). They went to visit Dora and talked about the Ten Commandments as well as repentance. They all felt the spirit witness to them that these things come from someone that loves them and cares for them (aka God) and gained more “Umph” to do it.

Basically God exists. And so does His son Jesucristo. I am grateful for the faith that I have and happy that I can live in accordance with this knowledge.

Say your prayers. He hears you!

Anyway, love you. Jesus loves you more.
Hermanita Urban

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