August 25, 2008

lucky alfajors and jack sparrows

Hello family!

Ok well our internet time has gone down from 1.5 hours to one hour solo. And so that made me sad but I have to be obedient so an hour it is.

Well I am sooo happy in San Vicente with hermana Olsen. We are just having a blast and working hard. We have so much hope and faith for this area to flourish! One day we went to visit an investigator who owns a kiosko (random stores that are a part of peoples houses). We have concluded that he is exactly like Jack Sparrow. He has this long bushy hair and scruffy face. But really his mannerisms are all flowy and jack Sparrow like. He always gives us an alfajor so after we left his Kiosko we stood in this random street and enjoyed our alfajor until we went to our next visit. Well this lady rode past us on her bike and then stopped in her tracks, almost tripping over her bike, asking if we could help her. She, K, Is a single mom with 8 kids and no work. And said of course we could help her! So we went to her little house and introduced ourselves to everyone and told them what we do: How we are missionaries and teach people about Christ and Serve people! K and her family has a lot of interest and we have a lot of high hopes for this family. That they will not only receive help but receive peace and joy in their lives. Because really that is what the gospel brings.

Well, in our little zone there is another set of hermanas. Hermana Olsen used to be comps with Hermana Duran (El Salvador) in our zone and then moved right next door to San Vicente. Well Hermana Durans new comp was actually what we call a mini. A member of the church in this area who is willing to serve a transfer or two. (there is always a need for missionaries) So anyway this girl was supposed to serve but . . . ended up not serving (que lastima). So Hermana Duran has been companionless. So she has been with us for a couple of days and we have just been having so much fun! She is this little ball of laughter and I love her!! It has been great because she is learning English and so we talk in both Spanish and English. I think that it would be great if she just stayed with us forever!!! We took a mattress from her apartment and shoved it under my bed. then when it is time for bed we have a mattress ready.

Well I love you all. Know that I miss you and LOVE letters.
Hermanita Urban

#1- Me with the sotelo Kids whilst building their house. I am in JEANS!!!!!!!!!!

#2- Hno Sotelo and his new ties!

#3- Kids and stickers from Art and Cindy! Love you guys!

#4- no caption (looks sweet tho) ;)

August 18, 2008

New Companion Again...make new relationships fast but lasting!

Yay another email from your little missionary!!! Well transfers are today and my new comapnion is Hermana Olsen from California. I am already in love with her! So far I have had a different comp every transfer. Dont worry, I am not a hard comapanion or anything. It just happened to workout that way. But am very excited for this transfer and have high hopes for the work in San Vicente, which there is a lot.

Well, these past two Sundays Hna Guynn went to visit other areas before leaving the mission. So I had to stay with an hermana in the ward. And who better then Virgina! I told you about her right?? She is absolutly amazing and faithful. She will go with us to appointments and walk miles, even though it is hard for her considering she has parkinsons. She makes me want to be a better missionary and women in the gospel.

Well anyway, last Sunday after church Virgina and I had lunch together. She cut up potatos and fried them. Then we went to her chicken coop and found some eggs and fried some eggs with canned peas. She is so cute! And then yesterday, we ate some delicious argentine dish. And afterwards I made her some hot chocolate as she read me old letters. I really am amazed by her and think so highly of her. My camera doesnt have sound, but if it did I would get a video of us singing or something because she LOVES to sing.

Oh by the way I found my card so I will send pics as soon as I can. But I don´t have it with me today.In San Vicente, I would like to say that we are cleaning it up a bit. In the sense that we are trying to find a lot more new people and help it progress. It has been hard to get people to come to church. But we will continue to go forth. The family that we randomly found (Alfonzo) are great and progressing. He is the one that found us when we were lost. Once they go to church it will just skyrocket. But it is true when I say that the gospel blesses peoples lives.

We Are also working to reactivate some families. It is hard, reactivation, mostly because people dont understand why it is so important to go to chruch. I dont think I would survive without my weekly dose of church. But we must DO the action to see the blessings. Well I love you all.


Hermana Urban

August 11, 2008

6-months! plus, package ideas: stickers, cereal, & pics


Hola ¿como estan mis amores? I hope all is well. Well this week actually went by pretty fast. We had interviews with the president on Thursday. I am so grateful for President and Hermana Asay. I can honestly say that I was called to serve in Argentina but a part of that call was for me to be under the direction of such an inspired man.

Well, this week is actually the last week of this transfer. It is going to be pretty busy because my comp is going home. So we have a lot of random things to do so she is ready. But I really can´t wait for this next transfer. I really want to leave San Vicente better then I found it. I am ready to work really hard. I think President has something up his sleeves b/c he is actually calling in a lot of girls that live here to serve mini missions. Who knows I might get a “mini.”

So Art and Cindy – I got your Package!!!!! Oh my goodness what the most pleasant surprise!! Thank you sooo much!! I know how insane the mail can be so I am so grateful. As well as the people here! I already have some really cute pics of some kids with stickers. Stickers are crazy popular here. You give kids stickers and the parents as well get all excited. I remember one time I gave this kid a sticker and the mom was so excited that she took it from him and put it on their refrigerator. Hahaha. There is this recent convert family and we are helping building their house. After a morning of helping them out with their house I gave the Dad some new ties (from the package!) He was sooooo excited. I also have a pic of this. And then later that day he accompanied us to some appointments and he was wearing one of his new ties. It was soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! En serio. But thank you so much really for the package. I love cereal from the other side of the globe. Delicious.

SO I keep saying that I have pictures of certain things – which I do – but I don’t at the same time. So when we were helping them build their house the little kids got into my bag and found my camera. Yup. Well, at first I thought that they just accidentally deleted all of my precious mission pics. But just now when I was looking at my camera I noticed that my card is gone!!! AGHH!!! I think it must have fallen out! I remember they opened up the camera to try and change the batteries or something. The card probably fell into the cement and is now a part of their house. Haha! So this week I will ask it they found it. But I do not have high hopes mostly because a huge family with lots of kids that put whatever they want in their mouth. hahaha

Anyway, the greatest hour of my day (in a total selfish opinion) is my personal study. I love reading the scriptures. I am completely amazed at the prophets and what they suffered through. Right now I am in the middle of Alma in the Book of Mormon. I should finish the Book of Mormon pretty soon and then move on the Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage, as well as The New Testament in the Bible. I am just so grateful for this time in my life to gain doctrinal knowledge; to completely have my studies on the gospel. Every day it increases my testimony and faith. I have no doubt that the schedule of a missionary is inspired. The first thing we do after getting ready for the day is read the scriptures and have an added measure of faith for the day.

The song that you sang in Sacrament meeting sounded like it went really well. We will have to do a special number when I return!! I am so glad Grandma and Grandpa were able to enjoy it.
OH man it just started to POUR!!! Good thing I am wearing my boots!

Kendra – YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK!!!!!!! I love you sooo much. What are you going to do for it?? I loved the story of Ken and Amy´s boys at the swimming pool. Basically your letters are great. Also I got the cd´s and pictures last Tuesday. Yippeee!!!! Seriously soooo fun. I think pics in packages can be a stable item! Because I love them soo much!

Hey guess what!? I hit my 6th month mark this week. Check me out! That is a 3rd way.

Well, pretty much I am in love with the Gospel. I love the prophet and the scriptures. I am so grateful for faithful members in the church.

Loves and Hugs
Hermanita Urban

August 4, 2008

Why are we here? Hermana testifies...

This is Elissa's Dad and I just wanted to write a little note before you read Hermana Urban's letter. Baptism is such a sacred and wonderful ordinance. We as Christians understand through our gospel that it is a very wonderful and a special commitment to be baptized. You see we take Christ's teachings literally by following his example as Christ was baptized himself by John the Baptist. Having said that we leave it the option of the individual at the age of accountability to decide if they want to be baptized or not. We don't perform infant baptisms and believe that they are not held accountable until the age of accountability. Baptism to us is the beginning of our complete commitment to follow Christ for the rest of our life on this earth and after death. Hermana Urban is so committed to her work for the Lord that she is just seeing little but big miracles everyday. I just wanted you to understand that baptism is our beginning of our membership in his kingdom. We promise to endure to the end and follow Him forever and ever! After we make this promise through this example Christ set we then must continue to find others to do the same. We truly want all of our friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to catch the vision of this great work and to prepare to meet God. It truly is the biggest reason for our existence as Elissa testifies. Don't be shy to ask us more and we will not be shy to ask you!

Here is her letter this week...

There are little miracles in our work. Even if i am not entirely aware. The other night we were lost in the dark and kind of wondering around. Out of now where this guys starts walking up to us!! AGH!! We got scared. But then he said that he was a member of the church and wanted us to come by and talk to his family. So we went and turns out that he was baptized 15 years ago but never confirmed. So he is going to get baptized again and his daughter (8) wants to get baptized and is amazing!! And his wife is still in the means of investigating the church. But she listens intently to every lesson and is so nice. They have two more kids that are 6 and 4. Wow all of that because we were lost. But they are an amazing family and I am so excited to work with them more. Last night we watched the Restoration movie with them and brought a long a member. So now they have a friend.Speaking of members helping with missionary work. I am completely in love with the ward to be doing a 90-day fast. That is true faith put into action! Now the members are going to be more aware throughout the day and look for ways to share the gospel. The entire reason why human beings are on the earth is to prepare ourselves to live with God again. Should we not help others prepare themselves?? It is hard to do. But we should go forth in such a cause?