August 18, 2008

New Companion Again...make new relationships fast but lasting!

Yay another email from your little missionary!!! Well transfers are today and my new comapnion is Hermana Olsen from California. I am already in love with her! So far I have had a different comp every transfer. Dont worry, I am not a hard comapanion or anything. It just happened to workout that way. But am very excited for this transfer and have high hopes for the work in San Vicente, which there is a lot.

Well, these past two Sundays Hna Guynn went to visit other areas before leaving the mission. So I had to stay with an hermana in the ward. And who better then Virgina! I told you about her right?? She is absolutly amazing and faithful. She will go with us to appointments and walk miles, even though it is hard for her considering she has parkinsons. She makes me want to be a better missionary and women in the gospel.

Well anyway, last Sunday after church Virgina and I had lunch together. She cut up potatos and fried them. Then we went to her chicken coop and found some eggs and fried some eggs with canned peas. She is so cute! And then yesterday, we ate some delicious argentine dish. And afterwards I made her some hot chocolate as she read me old letters. I really am amazed by her and think so highly of her. My camera doesnt have sound, but if it did I would get a video of us singing or something because she LOVES to sing.

Oh by the way I found my card so I will send pics as soon as I can. But I don´t have it with me today.In San Vicente, I would like to say that we are cleaning it up a bit. In the sense that we are trying to find a lot more new people and help it progress. It has been hard to get people to come to church. But we will continue to go forth. The family that we randomly found (Alfonzo) are great and progressing. He is the one that found us when we were lost. Once they go to church it will just skyrocket. But it is true when I say that the gospel blesses peoples lives.

We Are also working to reactivate some families. It is hard, reactivation, mostly because people dont understand why it is so important to go to chruch. I dont think I would survive without my weekly dose of church. But we must DO the action to see the blessings. Well I love you all.


Hermana Urban

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