August 25, 2008

lucky alfajors and jack sparrows

Hello family!

Ok well our internet time has gone down from 1.5 hours to one hour solo. And so that made me sad but I have to be obedient so an hour it is.

Well I am sooo happy in San Vicente with hermana Olsen. We are just having a blast and working hard. We have so much hope and faith for this area to flourish! One day we went to visit an investigator who owns a kiosko (random stores that are a part of peoples houses). We have concluded that he is exactly like Jack Sparrow. He has this long bushy hair and scruffy face. But really his mannerisms are all flowy and jack Sparrow like. He always gives us an alfajor so after we left his Kiosko we stood in this random street and enjoyed our alfajor until we went to our next visit. Well this lady rode past us on her bike and then stopped in her tracks, almost tripping over her bike, asking if we could help her. She, K, Is a single mom with 8 kids and no work. And said of course we could help her! So we went to her little house and introduced ourselves to everyone and told them what we do: How we are missionaries and teach people about Christ and Serve people! K and her family has a lot of interest and we have a lot of high hopes for this family. That they will not only receive help but receive peace and joy in their lives. Because really that is what the gospel brings.

Well, in our little zone there is another set of hermanas. Hermana Olsen used to be comps with Hermana Duran (El Salvador) in our zone and then moved right next door to San Vicente. Well Hermana Durans new comp was actually what we call a mini. A member of the church in this area who is willing to serve a transfer or two. (there is always a need for missionaries) So anyway this girl was supposed to serve but . . . ended up not serving (que lastima). So Hermana Duran has been companionless. So she has been with us for a couple of days and we have just been having so much fun! She is this little ball of laughter and I love her!! It has been great because she is learning English and so we talk in both Spanish and English. I think that it would be great if she just stayed with us forever!!! We took a mattress from her apartment and shoved it under my bed. then when it is time for bed we have a mattress ready.

Well I love you all. Know that I miss you and LOVE letters.
Hermanita Urban

#1- Me with the sotelo Kids whilst building their house. I am in JEANS!!!!!!!!!!

#2- Hno Sotelo and his new ties!

#3- Kids and stickers from Art and Cindy! Love you guys!

#4- no caption (looks sweet tho) ;)

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