September 1, 2008

lady in the water

Well my loves this week rocked my face off!

Now that I look at the week it seems like it was forever ago but in the midst of it it went by pretty fast.

Well, first off my little comp has been having really bad back pain. So much that she stayed home one morning and I went and worked with a mini, Andrea. Andrea is great and is such a hard worker. So Andrea and I went out to work and teach and find, all that good stuff. Well, anyway just as soon as we were going to go back home for lunch Andrea tells me that someone fell in the "sanha." The sanha are ditches on the sides of the dirt roads from peoples showers, kitchens and things of that sort. Dogs will drink from it and develop diseases. Yeah it is all pretty gross at times. Well, to have someone fall in it would be a tragic experience. So I was a little bit taken back that someone actually did. So we run up to this lady, Alicia, and helped her get back on her feet. Well anyway, I could tell that she was frazzled and she started to tell us about herself. Basically she needs some stability in her life. So we let her know that our message brings peace and understanding in this life and Salvation for the next (who wouldn´t want that?)- So we taught her about the Restoration. That same day she went by herself to the relief society activity. Can you believe it?? So we are really excited.

Well, basically I also lived a bit of a dream. Because of my comps back pain we had to go see the mission doctor. His office is in Capital. So we went to Buenos Aires for a day. We we early to our appointment so we got a Mcflurry at Mcdonalds. (a fake one because they are NOT the same!) and it is so funny Mcdonalds here is somewhat cool. It is where people go with their girlfriends to chat, or take their laptops and do business meetings, etc. It makes me laugh. But the one we went to had a balcony so we sat and ate our fake ice cream. I took a pic of my view.
Well, then we went to the Doctor. Of course he told her to take ibprophen.

Afterward we went to Jumbo. Let me tell you about Jumbo. It is a almost like a Target. SO I just relished, because, even though I have nothing against my cute little supermarcardos and fruit stands, it felt really good to have options and find things that I actually enjoy. They have an ethic food section (haha) and in the united States area they had Craisins. So I bought them! Yummy! Well, it was then time for lunch. We went to CALIFORNIA BURRITO!!! Ok so all the Argentines hang out at McDonalds. But the Americans go to California Burrito. It is the smallest little restaurant, but it is exactly like Qboda. After 6 months of not having my favorite food. I just about died! We met some girls there from the states that are here on study abroad and they eat here every week. It was soooooo weird to talk to people in English!!! whoa!!! and one of the owners of California Burrito lived in Grand Junction for 4 years. and she is awesome. Basically all of the missionaries from the north mission go eat there on pday. But we don't have that blessing a-thinkyou.

Now I see why one of my friends that served in my mission (the south) called the north mission the "pretty boy" mission. (sorry Scott).

Some of the things that I have seen outside of the city are completely different then within. Basically, if the city was the only part of Buenos Aires that I would see - I would think it was pretty cool and exciting. (in a tourist sense). But there are some realities that people don´t see. Well, that was a thought of mine.

Anyway. the food was DIVINE!!!!! And I wouldn´t mind it if we had to go again really soon. But I guess I have to check myself into a year of no mexican food or delicious chips and salsa again. oh the horror.

On our way back to San Vicente we stopped by the mission home and ate some delicious fruit with Hermana Asay. I love her.

But then we went back to work.
I really can´t believe that day even happened.

Anyway, things are good and hard at the same time. There is a lot of work to be done so we must go forth. I miss all of you so much. I just read some DearElders - I want to reply to everyone individually but time for that does not exist.

hermanita urban

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