September 22, 2008

Prayer... when were you taught? There are some good lessons the missionaries can teach you that you should know...

Hola mis corazones;

Well this week was great, and as the days went on I realizad that we were running into a lot of service within the Branch. So some of our plans changed to help out some people in times of need, but at the end of the week we realized just how much the Lord blessed us. We were able to teach a lot of people and we have high hopes for everyone!!!

This one little moment keeps popping into my head: So you know our "Jack Sparrow" guy? Well, anyway we have been teaching his two daughters english. They are so gorgeous and smart and fun. I love them. Well, we never really talk about religion with them but then it came up (bound to when you are a missionary) with his youngest who is 13 but looks like she is 15. Ramon (Jack) told us that his daughters don't know anything about God or anything because he wants them to decide for themselves what is true. We responded with "perfect!!! We can introduce her to God and then she can decide." We went to the very basics with her. I asked her if she has had experience with prayer ever and she hasn´t. It blew me away for a moment. Prayer!?! So we told her that there actually exsists a God, a loving Heavenly Father that lives in the heavens and loves us personally. That we are daughters of Him- which makes us sacred and very special. Then we went on to explain that through prayer we can talk to Him. Tell him every little worry we have, every rejoice we have and what we need. I just remember Vanina looking at me . . . wrapping her mind around this concept.

The truth is we can´t actually stand in front of God, talk face to face with him. I cannot prove any of this is real. But when one feels the promptings of the Holy Ghost, the small feelings that really this is TRUE, one cannot deny it. I think that Vanina felt that for the first time. That she is more then just a another living breathing being on the earth, but a soul that is worth so much in the eyes of God.But it got me thinking. Wow she is just introduced to prayer now – at age 13. I tried to remember my first experience ever with prayer. I cannot put an age on it. But I remember kneeling by my bed at night with Dad kneeling next to me. And he was helping me say my prayer. And one of the things that Dad told me to pray for was: a worthy man that could take me to the temple one day. Haha!!! I think I remember that because I remember thinking "why am I praying for that while I am so young?!" So yup – that was my first (remembered) experience with prayer.

Prayer has always been something that I can go to in a time of need. Every moment in my life, when I had to make a decision I would go to Prayer. God is there. He does want to hear about our thoughts and our needs. I am so grateful for prayer and a Heavenly Father that listens. I am also so grateful that my parents taught me what prayer is, that we can and should apply it into our lives. Well love you all and you are all in my prayers!!!

Hermanita Urban

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