September 17, 2008

A Life Changing Conference!

Alright… So I apologize for the short email last week.

This week was fabulous! On Wednesday we have zone conference with Elder Bowen of the 70. Unfortunately I woke up all through the night with some sort of sickness. Usually I don’t care if I am sick or what not I will still do what I have to do. But this morning it was just impossible. I couldn’t and didn’t go. Hermana Olsen went with some other hermanas and I stayed in our pension. It was weird. I mostly just slept. Well they came back after hours of boredom and loneliness, and told me that it, of course, was amazing!!!!! Oh well, I missed it and that was that. And we planned for the next day. (I was then feeling much better). Well, in the morning I was still feeling sad that I missed this amazing conference and knowing that they were going to have it again that day, but in a different (very far area) got me thinking . . . maybe I could still go! I remembered how there is a bus that goes directly to La Plata (where the conference was) from San Vicente. I called president Asay to see if I could try to go and He said that if I make it there at 9:30 then I could go. It was 7:20 – called the bus place – they were leaving at 7:30 going to arrive at 9:10 PERFECT!!! Except for the fact that we were still in our pjs – no make up – no nada. So I changed really fast and we ran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I brought my makeup)We made it there with time to stop by the bathroom. Ha-ha. The Lord really looks out for us.

Basically the conference was life changing! First off, I really feel as though I got sick for a reason - because I had to go to this one – which had things tailored to my needs. Secondly, I am sooooooo grateful that I can understand Spanish so much better now. We talked about a lot of doctrine and so I am so happy that trying to understand wasn’t taking away from the learning. The Spirit was immensely strong and I have come to realize once again how important the Holy Ghost is. Through the spirit we are truly brought to another level of learning. Things completely click. We talked about – who we are as a generation. How truly many are called but few are chosen. We can be chosen through our obedience. Elder and Hermana Bowen´s Spanish was beautiful. The conference made me want to step it all up to a new level – my Spanish, my teaching, my knowledge of the gospel. I just left walking on this cloud of spirituality happiness.

The church is true.

And one can know it, through sincerity and openness to the Holy Ghost.

Well I have got to get going I love you all soooooooo much. You are all in my prayers.

Hermana Urban

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