September 8, 2008

From a Dad's perspective...

This is Elissa'a Dad. This is one of those moments where it is my turn to post a quick note just before Elissa says a few things in the posting just below. I can't tell you the feeling I have everyday when I think about my daughter on a mission for the Lord. Can you imagine how you might feel knowing that your child is serving in this capacity? I prefer to not use the word proud. I choose to use the word blessed. I had someone tell me recently that they felt like the word blessed was over used. I tend to agree. I would reserve the word blessed for very sacred and amazing things. Just like your daughter or son serving a mission for the Lord. I more than anything want to emulate what she is doing. In other words if you have been a regular reader of this blog or not... maybe a friend of Elissa's, maybe a friend of mine, maybe a friend of our family. I am totally serious about how you might feel about investigating a most amazing faith. A message about Christ. Are you a person who seems to be intersted in spiritual things? If you are we are holding 5 short and well organized meetings to discuss a message of Christ I really think you would be interested in. To learn more about when these will be held contact me at: Have a wonderful day and enjoy Elissa's message this week!

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