January 30, 2009

Update Last Week of January 2009...enjoy!

Well this week was a little bit of a roller coaster ride. When is there a week NOT like that on the mission? We were just hit with surprises here and there from our investigators. But during this week, and the mission in general, I really can say that I feel that Lord puts us in the places where we need to be.

I talked about this one investigator when we chatted on the phone over Christmas. We always have the most spiritually filled lessons with them. They can feel something different when we are there. So anyway we stopped by and her, C's family, were there and worried- like. Something was definitely wrong. We asked if we could go in and say a little prayer of sorts. Turns out that C was pretty sick and they were waiting for the ambulance. So we went in and said hi and had a really great moment of lifting her spirits. Helping her feel happier in a really hard time that she was going through. We haven't seen her since, she's been in the hospital.

The Lord know his missionaries, protects them (you should SEE my area- "roll up the windows and lock the doors"), and He puts them where He needs them. I am not here to learn a new language, learn a new culture, eat insane amount of red meat; But I am here with a purpose and that is to invite others to come unto Christ. And along the way miracles happen.

Next week are transfers and I have fallen in love with this area. It is a hard area (But an "easy" area doesn't exist). I don't know what to expect, you never know. But my heart is really invested into the people here and there needs. Come what may.

Hermanita Urban

January 20, 2009

Taking Care Of The Missionaries...

As I was home teaching (a program where we take care of our membership) one of my families this week I realized that in our conversation we need to take care of the missionaries. Here are a few wonderful ways we can help:

1) Find people for them to teach in our homes.
2) Invite them over for dinner and invite friends and neighbors to join.
3) Offer them rides to various destinations.
4) Testify during a missionary lesson.
5) If you see them on your street talking to neighbors invite them in for a drink of water.
6) Be willing and offer your time for team-ups or split offs on designated nights.
7) and finally make sure they go home with some leftovers.

Just love and care for them because I know someone is doing this for my daughter Elissa all the way in Argentina.

January 14, 2009

Family Friendly and Candy Canes...a good mix!

We love this letter Hermana Urban wrote:


¿Capaz hoy escibo en castillano? Bueno, este semana fue largo y hacia mucho calor. Pero, igual el campo esta progresando. ok, voy a escribir en ingles ahora . . .

The changes we are seeing in Gloria and Diego are incredible. The power that the gospel has to bring lasting happiness and joy is entering their hearts and changing them for the better. In church I was sitting there, thinking to myself about the faith that Gloria has. I feel that her sweet humble faith can move mountains. Which only strengthens mine.

There is this new little park in our area, where a ton of little kids go out to play. And at night families come out. It is a huge change in our area. Before it was just a small area where people would sometimes hang out. It was NOT family friendly. Now it is. So one night we decided to go on over to the park and talk with families. My comp had a bunch of candy canes from Christmas so we handed them out to families. It was super fun. And now we have 3 new families we are going to start working with. I am excited to see the gospel enter into their homes.

Well, anyway, things are good. I keep working. I pray a lot.

Hermana Urban

January 6, 2009

A Package from Grandma Urban

By Jim: How joyful it would be if you were all the way in Buenos Aires, Argentina and you got a package from your grandma all the way in Denver, Colorado. Grandma Urban sent her love in a care package and Elissa shows her appreciation, just look at these pictures.

January 5, 2009

a christmas package from elissa!

By Bethany: Last weekend I got a surprise call from Elissa's mission president's daughter Molli! She had gone to visit her parents for the holidays and came back with a package for us from Elissa! I met her in Orem to pick up the package and then my family came into Provo that very night to bring Kendra back to BYU, so we all treasured the package together. She threw in some treats for each of us and for several of her friends. We got a few sweet Argentine pop CD's, some of her favorite artificial sweet bread, and lots of Alfajors. The most special gifts were the 2 little nativities made by her and Lily (which you read a little bit about in this post). We took a few pics and sent them to Elissa last night before she checked her e-mail this morning.

Elissa's response:

Yay! I am sooooo happy that your little package of love got there! I love Molli!!
I have the prettiest family.
you will have to make me pretty when i come home.
i love these pics. oh my gosh!!!
man i miss you all sooo much.
good job casey with the cool cd
Isn't Molli just great? she rocks. and she is going to be the best missionary ever.

I cannot believe you all did a fun little road trip. Jealous. I miss that drive lots.

Currently it is hot. It is really hard because we just walk for hours in the heat and I just want to be in a pool or our really dark cool basement. But thankfully God sends His missionaries little tender mercies. Yesterday after walking for HOURS trying to find some new people to teach, offer service, help, whatever they need, etc. we decided to stop by a members home (also because we wanted to use the bathroom), Maria (Love her!!!), and she gave us some orange pop. We also had a really great experience as we shared a scripture. It was a little pick-me-up. Sometimes our little blessings are orange pop and a warm feeling that doesn´t come from the dead heat.

Something that I have been so amazed at is how important the members of the church are. We don´t realize our own influence sometimes. The members, on their own, made a little basket of food/goodies for Gloria and Diego and their babies. One family had them over for New Years. And they have made them feel completely welcome at church. It is not "missionary work" it is the work of the Lord. It is people helping people come unto Christ. Others helping others realize that they are children of God and what we should do Because of that.

Anyway, I am just grateful for tender mercies. I love you and I love the Lord.

Hermanita Urban

new mission home address!

from elissa:


Write to and send stuff here:

Quintana 447
1846 Adrogué
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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