January 20, 2009

Taking Care Of The Missionaries...

As I was home teaching (a program where we take care of our membership) one of my families this week I realized that in our conversation we need to take care of the missionaries. Here are a few wonderful ways we can help:

1) Find people for them to teach in our homes.
2) Invite them over for dinner and invite friends and neighbors to join.
3) Offer them rides to various destinations.
4) Testify during a missionary lesson.
5) If you see them on your street talking to neighbors invite them in for a drink of water.
6) Be willing and offer your time for team-ups or split offs on designated nights.
7) and finally make sure they go home with some leftovers.

Just love and care for them because I know someone is doing this for my daughter Elissa all the way in Argentina.

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