January 30, 2009

Update Last Week of January 2009...enjoy!

Well this week was a little bit of a roller coaster ride. When is there a week NOT like that on the mission? We were just hit with surprises here and there from our investigators. But during this week, and the mission in general, I really can say that I feel that Lord puts us in the places where we need to be.

I talked about this one investigator when we chatted on the phone over Christmas. We always have the most spiritually filled lessons with them. They can feel something different when we are there. So anyway we stopped by and her, C's family, were there and worried- like. Something was definitely wrong. We asked if we could go in and say a little prayer of sorts. Turns out that C was pretty sick and they were waiting for the ambulance. So we went in and said hi and had a really great moment of lifting her spirits. Helping her feel happier in a really hard time that she was going through. We haven't seen her since, she's been in the hospital.

The Lord know his missionaries, protects them (you should SEE my area- "roll up the windows and lock the doors"), and He puts them where He needs them. I am not here to learn a new language, learn a new culture, eat insane amount of red meat; But I am here with a purpose and that is to invite others to come unto Christ. And along the way miracles happen.

Next week are transfers and I have fallen in love with this area. It is a hard area (But an "easy" area doesn't exist). I don't know what to expect, you never know. But my heart is really invested into the people here and there needs. Come what may.

Hermanita Urban

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