January 14, 2009

Family Friendly and Candy Canes...a good mix!

We love this letter Hermana Urban wrote:


¿Capaz hoy escibo en castillano? Bueno, este semana fue largo y hacia mucho calor. Pero, igual el campo esta progresando. ok, voy a escribir en ingles ahora . . .

The changes we are seeing in Gloria and Diego are incredible. The power that the gospel has to bring lasting happiness and joy is entering their hearts and changing them for the better. In church I was sitting there, thinking to myself about the faith that Gloria has. I feel that her sweet humble faith can move mountains. Which only strengthens mine.

There is this new little park in our area, where a ton of little kids go out to play. And at night families come out. It is a huge change in our area. Before it was just a small area where people would sometimes hang out. It was NOT family friendly. Now it is. So one night we decided to go on over to the park and talk with families. My comp had a bunch of candy canes from Christmas so we handed them out to families. It was super fun. And now we have 3 new families we are going to start working with. I am excited to see the gospel enter into their homes.

Well, anyway, things are good. I keep working. I pray a lot.

Hermana Urban

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