November 24, 2008

Elissa's tips for future packages:

  • Send packages US POSTAL EXPRESS
  • Address the packages to: Buenos Aires South Mission
  • On the Return address put MY name (that way the mission can pick them up but they know it is mine b/c my name is on the top)
  • Do not send it FedEx or DHL.
  • Pictures of the Virgin Mary might help get it through customs.
  • Bethany's tip- send Christmas packages now/ASAP!



my cool roof.

we had "girls night" last night. which consisted of a roof top moment accompanied with some yummy food and my ipod.

this huge cemetery in our area.

It really doesn´t even feel like Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving doesn´t exist here so nobody has been talking about it. But I know that I am grateful for Thanksgiving. Who doesn´t LOVE the holidays?!

This week was great. We had an amazing zone conference. Life changing pretty much.

We have been practicing for Noche De Luz. Our first performances are next week. I am trying to not let my nerves get the best of me. (maybe send some prayers in that direction).

We have been working really hard and are seeing some great progress in this area. We have 2 baptisms this Sunday and more to come. It is so great to see the work take off. I have a huge testimony of working with members. They are the key . . . well really WE are the key. I am a member too. In the future I am going to out with those missionaries and make them work! haha. We teach about 8-10 lessons every week WITH a member. In some areas of the world they only teach that amount of lessons. If the wards here can do it, any ward can do it. honestly. Especially our ward.

Yolie and Siliva are the two women that will be baptized this week. They are both very simple women that don´t have the greatest amount of education. But the gospel has completely changed their lives. They have the desires to do things now. They have purpose. After our first visit with Yolie she took the Book of Mormon, held it, pretty much hugged it and felt "something." Her friend, Delfina, was recently baptized earlier this year, and Yolie was just waiting to have what Delfina now has.

It really is like this. People want more to this life. They want purpose and happiness. They just don´t know where to look for it or ask for it. People are waiting for the happiness that so many of us already have. That is why I am on a mission. To give people the happiness that I have. Because no matter your situation in life, coming unto Christ and changing your life for Him, makes your situation a happy one.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving! I will probably be walking in some dead heat. So take a really good nap for me, after eating some delicious turkey and pumpkin pie.

I am grateful to be here. I am grateful for my family that supports me!! I am grateful for the hard experiences. I am grateful for fans at night. I am grateful for the my friends. I am grateful for my extended family (misses and kisses). I am grateful for ped socks. I am grateful for the car ride I had today with Hermana Asay (the first nice care ride since being here). I am grateful for letters, pictures, and packages. I am grateful for my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. His sacrifice for me.

Hope you all have a great holiday. I miss you all lots.

Hermanita Urban

November 17, 2008

this little ditty

*i took the liberty of editing these pics a bit, for fun. :) enjoy. love, bethany

me [elissa] and hna zollinger on a bus:

this lady we sing to and read to:

Lily and rocio´s 2 dogs out of the 3. I love them.

A ver . . . ¿que pasó este semana? . . .

Things are going really well. We worked a ton this past week and by last night we were just dead. And the thing with the mission is that there is no rest time. it does not exist. You just have to keep going.

Lily was confirmed yesterday. She was so happy. We taught her daughter, Rocio, who reminds me soooooo much of Janelle so of course I just love her to pieces. She will get baptized soon too. We just have to set the date and then work like crazy.

Right now we are working with about 5 people who already have baptismal dates and so we are running around like crazy helping them come unto Christ. Baptism is the front door, but there is so many layers to the gospel that we have to continue in the gospel so we can keep learning and discovering.

I have been thinking a lot about knowledge. Kendra sent me this AMAZING quote of how people spend their lives studing a certain topic, such as: the arts, sciences, history, politics. But the works and mysteries of God completely surpass all of those. A depth study of scripture and the things of the Lord, one would really know that He does exsist. The more I learn, the more I realize how much I do not know. So much passes my understanding. But that is where faith comes into play.

I am so grateful for faith. It can actually be a power.

anyway . . .

It is getting hot.

What is everyone up to?

It is crazy how Christmas is coming up. It feels like I should be going to Elitches, the pool, road trips . . . Because summer is coming.

Well sorry this email isn´t all that great.

I love you all so much. Don´t forget that I am here and that I miss all of you soooooooooo much. Knowing that I have people that love and support me is huge on the mission.

Tell my friends (except the good ones that write) that they are lame buckets and need to write me. (but i still love them)

con amor,
Hermanita Urban

November 12, 2008

We Got Access to this cute picture when Hermana Urban was on a preparation Day...a missionary day off

Can you pick her out? This is during a day of: Argentino Futbol. Also known as soccer. Argentina has the world record for most international titles won by any national team. You can tell it has made an impact on these missionaries. The people must talk about it like we talk about our Football which you know as like our Denver Broncos or CU Buffs etc. I am very excited that this Saturday I am going to the Air Force vs BYU game in Colorado Springs!
Click on the picture to enlarge!

November 10, 2008


This week was absolutely amazing. We had one day of unbearable heat. We just walk around all day tired and dying. Our Pench is like an oven and the only thing we have is this fan. My comp said that this is how it is during Christmas – completely hot – so it is really early in the year and it will only get worse. I will die!

Yesterday was just an absolutely amazing day. The spirit was so strong all the day long. I woke up smiling for the baptism of Lily. We went to church and then the milagros just poured in. We had 7 investigators come to church. Record for this area! It was the primary program and those little kids just brought a sweet love to everyone. Then we had gospel principle class, taught by hermana Miño, it was about the law of chastity. I know, a little nerve racking for 7 investigators. But I cannot even tell you the amazing spirit in that class. One of our investigators started to cry and everyone was listening, talking with so much love and respect. The Spirit really is our teacher, if we allow it. And there is a huge security that this law really does come from God; that the sanctity of the body should be kept with high respect. I just thought of everyone I loved & how I wish they would apply this principle in their lives. Because Happiness is found within obedience.

After the classes we had the baptism. It was so great and I am so happy for Lily, she is an amazing women. Her two daughters and her aunt were planning on coming but they were really late. But they came por fin and I know it made the day even more special for her. Hermana Zollinger sang Come thou Fount but in Spanish.

Afterward we worked and visited some of members and recent converts because Hermana Zollinger is leaving. Now my companion is Hermana Tracy from Missouri. I am really excited. And even more excited about this area. Together we are gonna work really hard and help people find real happiness.

Hey REALLY COOL random note: my amazing, spiritual bishop, who is an incredible leader was companions with Donny Osmond on his mission. How cool is THAT!!!!

I also hit my 9 months this week. Weird.

I am praying for everyone. It is hard that things just keep going on and I have not the biggest idea of what REALLY is going on with anyone; but just know that I love your letters. And more importantly know that I love you and think of you and hope that the Lord will pour out His blessings on my family and my friends.

Our trials help us have opportunities of obedience. They help us reach a new level of faith. As members of the Christ´s church we have the opportunities to pass some moments through Gethsemane so we can become more like Him. It is incredibly hard. But it is possible.

Grandma I love you.

Love you,
Hermana Urban

November 3, 2008

the city and halloween

Well, I writing early today because my district is going to this flower garden place today and we
have a lot of traveling to do as well as noche de Luz practice. Speaking of noche de luz I have a solo and I might net my pants/skirt. I still get utterly nervous. My solo is in Oh Holy Night. I have a hard time not wanting to sing it NSYNC style – but I will compile with the good ol´non-pop.

This week we put on a sweet ward activity. It was a good ol´ ice cream social. It was a little stressful. We had to run around (because we walk everywhere!) and it was really hot so we weren´t the most pretty things. But we were able to get it all together and let everyone know about it. It was a great success. People came and brought friends (the purpose of the activity) and ate ice-cream and played games. It was great!

Also my Halloween has nothing in comparison with Kendra's (I saw pics) but We stopped by a kiosco that had Halloween candy. So there! Haha but it was funny bc me and my comp walk in and we want to take pics with this Halloween sign and then all these people started to come in because there were two north Americans all excited over this kisoco halloweened-up. I did dress up though. As my comp. I wore her tag, clothes and my hair like hers. She dressed up as me. It was sweet.

Lily is doing great and will be baptized this coming Sunday. We are soooooooo excited. She is seriously this amazing light. I love her! Transfers are also next week. I think that Hna Zollinger might maybe may leave. She has been in this area for 6 months. A lot of people are attached to her, making it hard on whoever comes in and on me. But I have no doubt in what President Asay decides. He is an inspired leader; So if she stays or goes, or if I stay or go all will be fine. As long as I am working with and for the Lord it will work out.

Well I gotta go sorry this was short. I love you all sooo much. I should be getting Grandmas package this week.

Hermana Urbs