November 10, 2008


This week was absolutely amazing. We had one day of unbearable heat. We just walk around all day tired and dying. Our Pench is like an oven and the only thing we have is this fan. My comp said that this is how it is during Christmas – completely hot – so it is really early in the year and it will only get worse. I will die!

Yesterday was just an absolutely amazing day. The spirit was so strong all the day long. I woke up smiling for the baptism of Lily. We went to church and then the milagros just poured in. We had 7 investigators come to church. Record for this area! It was the primary program and those little kids just brought a sweet love to everyone. Then we had gospel principle class, taught by hermana Miño, it was about the law of chastity. I know, a little nerve racking for 7 investigators. But I cannot even tell you the amazing spirit in that class. One of our investigators started to cry and everyone was listening, talking with so much love and respect. The Spirit really is our teacher, if we allow it. And there is a huge security that this law really does come from God; that the sanctity of the body should be kept with high respect. I just thought of everyone I loved & how I wish they would apply this principle in their lives. Because Happiness is found within obedience.

After the classes we had the baptism. It was so great and I am so happy for Lily, she is an amazing women. Her two daughters and her aunt were planning on coming but they were really late. But they came por fin and I know it made the day even more special for her. Hermana Zollinger sang Come thou Fount but in Spanish.

Afterward we worked and visited some of members and recent converts because Hermana Zollinger is leaving. Now my companion is Hermana Tracy from Missouri. I am really excited. And even more excited about this area. Together we are gonna work really hard and help people find real happiness.

Hey REALLY COOL random note: my amazing, spiritual bishop, who is an incredible leader was companions with Donny Osmond on his mission. How cool is THAT!!!!

I also hit my 9 months this week. Weird.

I am praying for everyone. It is hard that things just keep going on and I have not the biggest idea of what REALLY is going on with anyone; but just know that I love your letters. And more importantly know that I love you and think of you and hope that the Lord will pour out His blessings on my family and my friends.

Our trials help us have opportunities of obedience. They help us reach a new level of faith. As members of the Christ´s church we have the opportunities to pass some moments through Gethsemane so we can become more like Him. It is incredibly hard. But it is possible.

Grandma I love you.

Love you,
Hermana Urban


CritterLady said...

I was googled your sweet blog. I'm glad for the success you are having on your mission. I just thought I'd clarify; Donny Osmond never served a full time mission.
His son Don Osmond did, in England. That must be who your bishop served with. Donny, however has introduced thousands of people to the gospel through his example and openess about his faith. One of those was me. Years later, living in Utah, I was able to get to know Donny and thank him for the gift. He is indeed a wonderful missionary, just not full time. Thanks again for sharing!
Sister Sosa

Jim Urban..Your Friend in the Real Estate Business said...

Sister Sosa,

Thanks for the clarification. This is Elissa's dad. She is loving her mission and you are right Donny is a great member missionary! I follow his example as I meet a lot of people in real estate.

Brother Urban