November 3, 2008

the city and halloween

Well, I writing early today because my district is going to this flower garden place today and we
have a lot of traveling to do as well as noche de Luz practice. Speaking of noche de luz I have a solo and I might net my pants/skirt. I still get utterly nervous. My solo is in Oh Holy Night. I have a hard time not wanting to sing it NSYNC style – but I will compile with the good ol´non-pop.

This week we put on a sweet ward activity. It was a good ol´ ice cream social. It was a little stressful. We had to run around (because we walk everywhere!) and it was really hot so we weren´t the most pretty things. But we were able to get it all together and let everyone know about it. It was a great success. People came and brought friends (the purpose of the activity) and ate ice-cream and played games. It was great!

Also my Halloween has nothing in comparison with Kendra's (I saw pics) but We stopped by a kiosco that had Halloween candy. So there! Haha but it was funny bc me and my comp walk in and we want to take pics with this Halloween sign and then all these people started to come in because there were two north Americans all excited over this kisoco halloweened-up. I did dress up though. As my comp. I wore her tag, clothes and my hair like hers. She dressed up as me. It was sweet.

Lily is doing great and will be baptized this coming Sunday. We are soooooooo excited. She is seriously this amazing light. I love her! Transfers are also next week. I think that Hna Zollinger might maybe may leave. She has been in this area for 6 months. A lot of people are attached to her, making it hard on whoever comes in and on me. But I have no doubt in what President Asay decides. He is an inspired leader; So if she stays or goes, or if I stay or go all will be fine. As long as I am working with and for the Lord it will work out.

Well I gotta go sorry this was short. I love you all sooo much. I should be getting Grandmas package this week.

Hermana Urbs

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