November 24, 2008



my cool roof.

we had "girls night" last night. which consisted of a roof top moment accompanied with some yummy food and my ipod.

this huge cemetery in our area.

It really doesn´t even feel like Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving doesn´t exist here so nobody has been talking about it. But I know that I am grateful for Thanksgiving. Who doesn´t LOVE the holidays?!

This week was great. We had an amazing zone conference. Life changing pretty much.

We have been practicing for Noche De Luz. Our first performances are next week. I am trying to not let my nerves get the best of me. (maybe send some prayers in that direction).

We have been working really hard and are seeing some great progress in this area. We have 2 baptisms this Sunday and more to come. It is so great to see the work take off. I have a huge testimony of working with members. They are the key . . . well really WE are the key. I am a member too. In the future I am going to out with those missionaries and make them work! haha. We teach about 8-10 lessons every week WITH a member. In some areas of the world they only teach that amount of lessons. If the wards here can do it, any ward can do it. honestly. Especially our ward.

Yolie and Siliva are the two women that will be baptized this week. They are both very simple women that don´t have the greatest amount of education. But the gospel has completely changed their lives. They have the desires to do things now. They have purpose. After our first visit with Yolie she took the Book of Mormon, held it, pretty much hugged it and felt "something." Her friend, Delfina, was recently baptized earlier this year, and Yolie was just waiting to have what Delfina now has.

It really is like this. People want more to this life. They want purpose and happiness. They just don´t know where to look for it or ask for it. People are waiting for the happiness that so many of us already have. That is why I am on a mission. To give people the happiness that I have. Because no matter your situation in life, coming unto Christ and changing your life for Him, makes your situation a happy one.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving! I will probably be walking in some dead heat. So take a really good nap for me, after eating some delicious turkey and pumpkin pie.

I am grateful to be here. I am grateful for my family that supports me!! I am grateful for the hard experiences. I am grateful for fans at night. I am grateful for the my friends. I am grateful for my extended family (misses and kisses). I am grateful for ped socks. I am grateful for the car ride I had today with Hermana Asay (the first nice care ride since being here). I am grateful for letters, pictures, and packages. I am grateful for my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. His sacrifice for me.

Hope you all have a great holiday. I miss you all lots.

Hermanita Urban

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