November 24, 2008

Elissa's tips for future packages:

  • Send packages US POSTAL EXPRESS
  • Address the packages to: Buenos Aires South Mission
  • On the Return address put MY name (that way the mission can pick them up but they know it is mine b/c my name is on the top)
  • Do not send it FedEx or DHL.
  • Pictures of the Virgin Mary might help get it through customs.
  • Bethany's tip- send Christmas packages now/ASAP!

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chaela mcdonald said...

Hi! I don't have anything to say about sending packages...I just wanted to let you (The Urbans/Jackmans) know how awesome this blog is. I just discovered it yesterday as I went onto facebook to find Elissa's address to send her a postcard and I clicked on the link here! And then I learned that she is on the Pouch system which means I can't send her a postcard, but I learned from this fantastic blog that I can send her a letter for FREE on So I totally did. And I will continue to do so and now I'm going to tell everyone that knows Elissa to write her!!! This is great. And now I'm going to add this blog to my list of faves on my blog. Okay, sorry this is long Happy Thanksgiving!