December 1, 2008

Fajitas for Thanksgiving Argentina style! and a quick note from Dad

Note from Dad...

Oh so busy a life of a missionary from our church! My daughter is no exception! She and her companion work from sun up to sun down and beyond. They work so hard to find people to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ too. This mission is completely about teaching people and helping them find faith on their own accord with the help from the missionaries on how to do this. There is no physical home or church building involved, nothing else but working with and teaching people. They do find people on foot and by asking and inviting as they meet people. The best way to find people is through faithful members who introduce their non member friends to the hear special missionary lessons. They teach gospel truths. They teach the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint church beginnings and about the church restoration. They teach doctrine that all makes a lot of sense and sometime in your life you to should hear these lessons if you haven't. I think you will find that these young men and women who teach have a testimony of the gospel and they want to spread the good word of Jesus Christ and his great message. Here are a couple of examples of people who made the commitment. From Elissa:

Things are good here in the south.

Thanksgiving was great. It didn't even feel like Thanksgiving. We found a fajita mix so we made some delicious fajitas - with homemade tortillas and all! And then we had interviews with President. I love interviews!! President Asay is an inspired man that really has been called to be my president. I am so grateful for him.

We also had the baptisms of Yolie and Siliva. It was so nice. They were so happy and peaceful. I am very happy for them, now they just have to live the gospel. It is a huge change people make to accept Christ in their lives. And it is difficult. But it is so worth it.

We met this cute young family and the mom goes to dance classes with her daughter and little sister. We decided to stop by with our recent convert Lily. It was sooooooo cool! I loved it! It was in this lightly lit room with tile floors and no mirrors. The dance instructor was a little on the bigger side and was smoking her cigarettes while demonstrating. But they danced folklore - which is a dance from Argentina, of course. We only watched for a little ratito. But I loved every second of it. It has been pretty humid so of course they were all sweaty and gross. but that just makes it even better for dance classes like that. Well anyway the ladies name is Celeste, she and her daughter and sister came to church with us. She stayed for all of it! But it is always a little stressful: we talked a lot about the millennium and family history. You never know what people that are visiting the church for the first time are thinking. But that is why we have the gift of making our own decisions. So we will see what happens! Yea!

con amor,
hermanita Urban

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