December 15, 2008

Noche de Luz - part dos

This week in pictures!

La Familia Ramoa de El Dorado. despues Noche de Luz:

a little solo action. practice:

a little ice cream action:

a little "not really artsy but trying to be" missionary and christmas action:

me and my comp. a little christmas card action. you can tell we are missionaries by our now-off-white shirts and ped socks:

driving to noche de luz. BLESSINGS=CARS.

my zone this morning:

another kindof wanna-be-artsy:

Hello all!

It is hot, but is it great. This week we worked a lot and sang a lot. I am loving the spiritual experiences I am having as a missionary. It doesn´t really feel like Christmas for me but we are trying to use the Christmas spirit to talk about Christ. I recently read about the birth of Christ in "Jesus the Christ." It completely changed my outlook on the season. I think I will read that book to my kids for bed time, it is so good.

We had 3 Noche de Luz performances this past week. The comments have been crazy - of how this is the best one yet (they do it every year). People in our ward said that it NOW feels like the Christmas season because of Noche de luz. This is our last week of it. Sad day. But I am just going to love our last performances. I just have a strong testimony of feeling the spirit through song . . .and dance. I have had amazing experiences with both. Our director, Elder Taylor, is outstanding. I am amazed with his talent. It is insane. He wins so many style points, I´ve decided. I wish you all could see it.

Today I ate lunch at a place called "Urbano." I got fish and have decided I just can´t try to order food that I think I would like if I were in the States. Because it is always different. If you go to a nicer resturant - it is all about presentation. So the plate looks good. But it just doesn´t taste that amazing.

Sorry that this email is shorter. I am gonna work on sending a bunch of photos.

Hey, I got the package from Grandma Urban!! and one from Caitlin and Mary (i sent out letters today) THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Hermanita (little sister) Urban

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Molli said...

P.S. Noche de Luz was absolutely amazing. I can't imagine anyone going and sitting through the entire thing and not feeling the Spirit testify to them that Jesus Christ is the Savior. It was honestly one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. And Hna. Urban's solo was, naturally, gorgeous.