December 8, 2008

noche de luz

Hola ¿Cómo Están todos?

Well this week was pretty cool. It was a very fast week.

We had our first “Noche de Luz” performances. Song really is powerful. We sing Christmas songs but mostly we testify of the divinity of Christ. We went to two stakes, one of them included El Dorado, my first area!!! It was FULL with people, like whoa. But it was so great for me to see the first people that welcomed me here and made me feel comfortable in Argentina. But this time I could understand them. Haha. To my dismay they weren´t just speaking in some unbreakable code. I have pics but this computer doesn´t have a connector picture thing. (and this chair is really uncomfortable). But it was really fun and the Spirit was really strong.

We are helping and teaching two families right now. I am completely in love with them. They are young and want so much for their families. One of them, Diego and Gloria, came to church yesterday (on their own). And they really liked it. They have a month old and a four year old girl who never stops playing with us. She already loves the primary kids.

Also yesterday in church the majority of testimonies born were about how, we, these missionaries, are angels. One of the members said that when he first met them he that they were just a bunch of Yankees. Haha. But then he realized that the message they carry is so much more and has blessed him beyond reason. Diego and Gloria looked over at Hermana Tracy and smiled. I was sitting by Lily, she too looked over at me and laughed. One amazing member, Gabe, has been helping us teach Diego and Gloria and he always says how they don´t realize it yet, but how God has sent these two angels to them. (Que dulce).

Lily later had a funny thought; how the church is so close to her house, but God sent us (who live SOOOOO far away) so that she would walk over to that church. God works in very interesting ways, doesn´t He? She received her first calling yesterday: 2nd counselor in the Primary. I was sooooo happy. She is amazing. If she is the only person that I witness come into the fold, that makes this mission worthwhile.

Anyway, Bethany I got your DearElder, thanks for writing me!!!! ( I will try to write a letter about what you suggested – it might be really boring though). Kendra and Grandma I can always count on you! You are both amazing!! I am glad you are feeling better grandma. Dad I also got your dearelder yippee!

Saren - POR FIN! I got your letter. I sent one out today. Chaela also – I got your glorious dearelder, and sent one out!

I wish I could personalize these emails more. And so Kendra, even though you haven’t gotten much of any response I have so much to say to you on that happy Chirstmas day!!!! What would be better Christmas eve or day?

I was just (about an hour ago) informed that Elder Wirthlin died. I loved every single one of his talks. I never have favorite apostles but his talks always stood out to me, and touched my heart. I am really sad. Two of my favorite people have left this year: President Hinckley (I am still crying) and now Elder Wirthlin. One thing I know is that the world is a better place because of them, as well as I am a better person. I really do have a testimony and a confirmation of the spirit that the prophets are worthy, humble men that are called of God.

Well, anyway gotta go back to work.
Keep the Faith,

Hermana Urban

Ps For p-day I just watched that Emma Smith movie. AGH!! I LOVE CHURCH HISTORY. Can I just be a church history master?! It is so inspiring.

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