December 29, 2008

december 22

*we didn't get around to posting last week's e-mail until now! new pictures at the bottom of this post. enjoy!

Hola todos!!!

How is everyone this Christmas week? I cannot believe that it is Christmas. That came out of nowhere. But I am not complaining because I am super excited to talk to ya´ll!

I have written up a list of things that I want to talk about. So get ready!!

Basically this week was amazing. And pretty much didn´t exist because it just flew by!!

We had our last Noche de Luz concerts this week. tear. I am so sad. But so happy that I was a part of such a great program. On Saturday night we sang in La Plata. A stake center that is a 2 hour car ride away. So me, being once again a very lucky one, rode with President in his air conditioned van. As we were driving along the highway, we noticed that a car accident happened on the other side of the road. President, being President and also a Doctor, decides to pull over and see if he can help anyone out. So we patiently wait in the car (actually we had a little music video moment). As President goes to see what he can do. But it was like a scene from ER. He was walking against traffic with his shirt billowing in the wind. I took a picture. But everything was fine. He offered to help but they either didn´t want it or they were just going to wait for the ambulance or something. ¿Que sĂ© yo?

On Saturday morning we did divisions. President and Hermana Asay´s daughter, Brittany, came out with me. (she is visiting her parents for Christmas). It was very fun for me. And she just has this sweet spirit about her. (Since when did I say "sweet spirit?") She prayed in English in our appointments and I know that the people we were visiting felt the spirit even though it was in a different language. But it was fun to talk about the mission, why I am on a mission, etc. with someone that is making that decision right now. The mission is tough stuff. But completely worth it. You learn how to deal with and do hard things.

Well our little family, Diego and Gloria are doing well. They went to two ward activities (without us because we had noche de luz). But the ward is in love with them. They are from Cordoba, so the ward members have started to call them the Cordabitas, meaning the little Cordobains. Diego found some work. It is not the greatest but it is something. Unfortunately it goes until the early hours and he is sleeping by the time church starts. We are going try to help fix that.

Ok, well my time is out. sad moment. But hey I am going to talk to you all!!!! YIPPEEEEE!!!!

I am gonna call Christmas eve at 7 o´clock pm my time. You are the ones that have google so you can figure out what time that is for you. haha.


Hermanita Urban

Noche de luz. this should be a sweet cd cover pic. (Kendra and Janelle I have a couple of these elders picked out for you):

me and Hermana Tracy:

behind these trees is what is called the Holy Grail. Wal-mart. Haven´t seen one of those in a LONG TIME!!!

This is a special little nativity that Lily made and taught us how to make. she is soooo special:

President saving the world:

Somebody got a Christmas package and was super excited to get Christmas cookies. and as Hermana Tracy said the cookies have a special filling of "Urban love":

Hermana Asay made TO-DIE-FOR brownies for our last noche de luz. I cannot explain how tasty they were:

My new friend Hermana Insgoldby. And a shout out to her mom, Monica!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! I just want to mention here that I'm filling out mission papers and I would say a good 40% of the decision is Hermana Urban's AWESOME example. She is a missionary recruiter! Yay!