May 24, 2009 hard play hard!

Elissa's Dad here...I have been noticing that Elissa really is doing a good job of leading. The best example of a leader is one who keeps moving forward in the work. Then when it comes time to exceed expectations there too. Keep up the work and the play Elissa! Here is her letter:

The weeks keep going and we keep working.
We had another busy week of teaching, helping, and running around like crazies. But its all good.
I absolutely love our investigators. They are great and progressing beautifully in the gospel. Honestly, hands down the best part of missionary work is seeing people bring purpose in their lives. I have always had this purpose but I know that millions don´t. But they should have it - so I am willing to help them find it.
Rosmeri and her son Nicolas (that I have a crush on, 11years old) came to church and LOVED IT!!! I am sooo excited for them to have the gospel in their lives. But guess what?? With the gospel nothing becomes easier . . . actually it (life in general) becomes harder. seriously. That is why it is soooo important that we have a strong foundation on Jesus Christ. It is NOT easy and I will be the first one to admit it. If you don't believe me - try it.
We had a futbol tournament today and thus I am writing today. sorry about the confusion.
Sorry this letter is soo lame. I am super exhausted and we have a long travel ahead of us.
La HermanaUrban

May 11, 2009


(2 letters posted today- one from this week and one from last week.)

We had an amazing week here in Monte. We taught a bunch. Rosa spoke in church about faith. I loved a part in her talk where she said that her faith helped her get baptized, but her faith won’t stay in the font, she has to continue coming to church and reading her scriptures to nourish her faith. YOu GO GiRL!

Andres and Siliva and their 2 of their kids came to church!! They came super late and I was on the brink of tears thinking they weren´t going to come. But then all of sudden they walked in and I was sooooo happy. I think they were a little surprised at my reaction when I saw them!! It is a HUGE blessing to see families learn about the gospel.

As for Rosmeri and her kids- they are progressing beautifully and even though they couldn’t come to church, they want to learn about the gospel and want to know how to do what God has in store for us.

We also found two men and gave them the goal of getting baptized. Now they have to ask God to see if that is what He wants them to do. Ask and ye shall receive, right?

I loved chatting with some of ya´ll yesterday!! Happy Mothers Day!! And Happy Birthday Grandpa!!! I love you. I wanted to call Grandma and Grandpa Urban and Grandma and Grandpa Clonts but my phone card ran out mid-sentence with Casey. Lame-o.

2 little school boys are sitting next to me yelling out their plans of attack while they are playing some computer game-thing. Haha I just took a pic.

Hermana Urban

The rebels without a cause:

I had ice cream while I typed today. If I stopped eating this delicious gift I would probably loose some of this extra mission skin that I have.

Me in one of my favorite places in Monte. These ladies have art classes and paint all day and listen to cool music. I love it!!! So I finally went in today-

May 4, 2009

Fall! 5.4.09

Saludos a todos.

Things are good. Fall is here and can I say how much I love it??! I have been walking around with my camera taking pictures of the trees. The smell, the colors, the scarfs – I love it all!!!!


I am currently reading the Bible in my personal study and I am just RIVETED with how amazing and interesting it is. WOW!! I cannot get enough of it. I love to read it like a book and then I love to completely dive in and search different parts of it to deepen the goods. Reading it has also made me realize how little I know about God, but it only gives me more drive to understand more.

So here is a little story:

Saturday, randomly, we found out that Rosmeri and the little guys were moving to the other side of town to a nicer home. So basically, it has taken such a long time to get in contact with them since she has been soooooo busy. Understandable. So we stop by to see if she will need help with the move and all. She said that her ex-husband and 3 other men were going to come. We decided to call some people anyway. We called Miguel, this stud recent convert, who never ceases to amaze me. He came directly over. Nobody else that we talked to could come. So anyway, Rosmeri´s husband ends up calling saying that he wasn´t able to come. Which left the 2 missionaries and Miguel and the fam. But I, being a little bit of an overachiever and worrier, run over (with the comp of course) to a menus activo, the oldest son of the branch president. He was just about to leave his apartment as his Mom (RS pres) and we run up. I don´t know how it happened but the timing was amazing. We asked if they could help and they both jumped on it. We arrived at the house and loaded stuff in the truck.

Rosmeri, Fernando, Judith and Nicolas were so happy and thrilled to have some help.

I cannot express how happy I was! A recent covert, menus activo, investigators and members and missionaries just helping someone out. I LOVE SERVICE!

Everyone was so happy and content.

And it also gave us a moment to chat with Hermana Orellano who has been going through some challenges.

I am convinced that when we are willing to do the Lord´s will, He will just work everything out through us. We just have to be willing and then all of a sudden we will realize: “I did nothing, but wow, good things happened and I know it's because God is in charge.”

Mom, I covered my agenda with the wrappers from the Dove Chocolates you sent me. So now I have these feel-good messages to look at.

KEN AND AMY!!! I got the CD and listen to it EVERY second I can get. I love it. And my chilean companion is singing along now too! Thanks soooooooo much.

I love you all. I am gonna go out and enjoy this Fall weather. (are you jealous?)

Hermana Urban

Ps WHERE IN THE WORLD DID MOTHERS DAY COME OUT OF?? I just chatted with ya´ll. I will call this Sunday.

This is me as a brunette:

This is me and my comp in this sweet gaucho store:

MONICA INGOLDSBY!!!! you are the best!! I love your daughter!!!! and yummy chocolate: