May 24, 2009 hard play hard!

Elissa's Dad here...I have been noticing that Elissa really is doing a good job of leading. The best example of a leader is one who keeps moving forward in the work. Then when it comes time to exceed expectations there too. Keep up the work and the play Elissa! Here is her letter:

The weeks keep going and we keep working.
We had another busy week of teaching, helping, and running around like crazies. But its all good.
I absolutely love our investigators. They are great and progressing beautifully in the gospel. Honestly, hands down the best part of missionary work is seeing people bring purpose in their lives. I have always had this purpose but I know that millions don´t. But they should have it - so I am willing to help them find it.
Rosmeri and her son Nicolas (that I have a crush on, 11years old) came to church and LOVED IT!!! I am sooo excited for them to have the gospel in their lives. But guess what?? With the gospel nothing becomes easier . . . actually it (life in general) becomes harder. seriously. That is why it is soooo important that we have a strong foundation on Jesus Christ. It is NOT easy and I will be the first one to admit it. If you don't believe me - try it.
We had a futbol tournament today and thus I am writing today. sorry about the confusion.
Sorry this letter is soo lame. I am super exhausted and we have a long travel ahead of us.
La HermanaUrban

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