June 6, 2009

more lives touched this week!

Well I have already used half on my Internet time doing I don’t know what. I am enjoying some delicious Helado. It is officially June and the cold has only begun. I already have my thermals, wool tights and thick socks on. Our little Monte house is actually quite big and we have a heater at the bottom of the stairway, thus all the hot air is trapped in the stairway. Who lives on the stairs? I do.

The area is really getting on its feet and it has been amazing to see the progress. It is on the brink of exploding. But still patience is a very important virtue. ¿no?

There are ten people working towards baptism, there is definitely work going on in Monte. But the best things ever are the visits themselves. I love visiting people and bringing the gospel into their homes. Families start unifying and love starts growing.

Andres and Siliva and their kids are doing the simple things that count. Ie: praying together, reading the scriptures together and helping one another out. So that is pretty exciting. They will only have more of the Spirit of Lord in their home.

Rosmeri and Nicolas are adorable and I love and care for them so much that I honestly get nervous when teaching them. Mostly because I just want them to love the gospel.

(I am going to try to take more pictures of people in their homes and what not)

So, the owner of our house is also a member of the church for many many years. Her parents were pioneers in Monte. She has been inactive in the gospel for many many years. Her husband, who has no belief in God, has been smoking since he was 13 years old and is now in the hospital. So it is sad. I love Vivian so much. She is such a great women and I feel so helpless, as I am sure she does. I really think that God is sending her signs. Just as he does. He shows us our weaknesses so we can be made strong. So she is struggling but putting on her happy face. Remember when I first came to Monte and I went to a funeral?? It was her Mom. The great thing is that the missionaries live right next door. She told us that she loves to see us because she sees Good. Something good.

Another less active, after singing a hymn, told us how beautiful it is that we are in the gospel, that we have this joy and that we have that spirit of goodness with us.

The gospel is good. It is simple as that.

Pray for the peeps here.

Hermanita Urban

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