June 17, 2009


We walk lots in Monte, have I told you that? So I am hoping to get some bikes real soon. And then I will be one of those bike missionaries. Yes!

So things went well this week and we ended with week with stake conference. We traveled as a branch to the stake center to watch a broadcast just for Argentina. It was really great because Andres, Silvia and their 3 kids came!!! I was soooo happy!!! But they left earlier than everyone else so I haven’t been able to talk to them about it. I am pretty sure that everyone should pray for them.

Patience is an attribute that I have yet to master. But with patience I know that as long as I am working super hard and doing my best the Lord will do the rest. I know that Monte is just a little tiny branch but I also know that it has huge potential. So I will keep at it and then maybe 15 – 20 years down the road we will hear how huge the ward is in Monte! (my dream).

I love ya`ll.

Hermana Urban

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