July 1, 2009

so bueno!!!

First off: Rest in peace the king of pop. tears.

Second off: Every night I went to bed and every morning I woke up sooooo excited for this area and the things are are going on in the very special place of Monte.

We were walking one night to find a lady that I taught a long time ago who moved. As we were walking I thought in my little head I KNOW that there are thousands of people searching and aching for guidance and want some truth in their lives - in the area of MONTE. But I have the great task to try to FIND these people. We came to a door, knowing that it was not her door but thinking we could ask for directions, a man answered the door and he had no idea where she lived. But what do we do?? We start talking to him. So he was interested in how were are missionaries and spread the word of God to the people. yup . . . to the people. haha. He invited us in. Ok a rule of the mission, aka from the Lord, is that we are not to be alone in the house with one man. SO I said no (in my mind) and what came out was "Bueno." - same thing happened with my companion. But let me tell you one thing: I have never jamas in my entire mission met someone who is actually searching, wants, desires to know the truth, to know about God and the reality of Him. He is completely sincere with his search. We talked with him about what we share and teach and then HE decides. He has to put his faith to the max and ask God if what we share is true. He wants to know sooooo bad but he doubts even his own faith. I, personally, think he has amazing faith. Faith always leads us to action. His actions are listening, meditating, praying, reading, investigating, etc. His faith is helping him learn. And that is great faith. I also personally feel that he has already received an answer that the Book of Mormon is true. If it is true - that means that God does really does love us and talk to us today!! SO it really depends on that answer. so we are gonna help him recognize that. Ok but then we went again, this time with a member, and it was GREAT!!!! wow I just cannot stop being amazed by him. AND THEN . . . on his own amazing faith he came to church!!!!!!!! He is the owner of the tennis courts in Monte and it is open always, but on Sunday the country voted and stores had to be closed. So he used his free time and came to church - and stayed for Irma's Baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So everyone, seriously, put Hugo in your prayers.

And Irma got baptized!! And it was adorable b/c apparently not all of her hair went under the water and when someone mentioned that she was like: "well that's bc I have a lot, ok!" I don't know I just loved it.

Also we had an amazing lesson with Andres and Silvia and the family. We read "The Proclamation" and WHOA that thing is powerful and wonderfully true. Then we (with the help of a member) set a marriage goal. Meaning that if all works out wonderfully we will have a wedding and baptisms in August!!!! And then a temple sealing in a year. This is not a family of 5, this is a family of 8, and to be able to be with those little babies that they lost, they must keep those eyes on the temple.

Mommy and daddy happy anniversary!! I am glad that we are an eternal family!!!!

Scott- your letter changed my life!!! Thanks sooooo much (I also read it to one of my friends and she loved it to)

Saren- I LOVED YOUR PKG of love and warmth and sarenness. I love you to death too!!

Matthew Case- I am awful for not writing. but as soon as I am in utah = you and I and that wonderful David Bowie movie of Labyrinth.

Rachel Andrus- congrats with the baby coming!!! I am so proud and amazed of your selfless service to be a mom. whoa.

Katy- I hope you are adjusting well!

Ok loves to all!

Hermana Urban

ps. oh also- Farrah Fawcett - sad as well. but I told Hermano Eva, sweet member, that dad always loved her and then he said probably because I look like her (which is weird because she clearly was 20 when I wasn't on this planet) and now he is calling me by "Farrah."

Oh Argentines.

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