July 14, 2009

Really Neat Stuff....read this post!

I am crazy and made a little card for Michael Jackson. I have been distraught, Irma's baptism, and Monte is full of cowboys

Today we got a letter from Sister Urban's Mission President. It says... I am pleased to inform you that your daughter, Sister Elissa Marie Urban, has served faithfully in the Buenos Aires Mission and will complete that mission honorably on 8/31/2009.

It has been a pleasure to have Sister Urban serve in this mission. I have enjoyed my association with a missionary who exemplifies such fine qualities and personal attributes. I have seen her mature spiritually as a result of her constant, unselfish service. Without a doubt, this mission has helped Sister Urban enhance her ability to positively relate to companions and fellow church members. Truly, she has been an excellent representative of Jesus Christ, and we thank you for having sustained her in this mission.

Thank you for your efforts in preparing a young woman such as Sister Urban to be asuccessful missionary.

We as parents were of course honored to have such a letter sent to us today. She has 45 days left... as we know that will go fast and it's letters like this that show us that she really was meant to go and made a difference in many lives.

The pictures were just sent to us...enjoy Jim & Susan

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