July 20, 2009


So I have been thinking a lot about the whole agency issue.

Preach My Gospel says I have the responsibility to teach powerfully and clearly enough that the people can make their own decisions. So, as a missionary, we study the scriptures, live on a higher level of standards, serve others, and pray for the best. We do these things so we can teach powerfully and have the spirit help us. But nothing interferes with their decisions; they still have the right to choose to accept the gospel or not.

So in Monte right now our investigators are at that point. Decision making time. So keep them in your prayers and I will keep living worthily to help them out.

Today was transfer meeting and this American man came up to me saying “sister urban, I have something for you!” and happy surprise hand delivered from my Grandma Clonts. YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I shared some cookies and now I am really popular! I am going to smell even better with some great new body wash. I am soooo excited. Thanks sooooo much for the love!!

Also I got a great package from the young women!!! Also got more popular with sharing. And mom the dress= I love. Only thing I need to lose some mission weight.

Hermana Ingoldsby is going to train a new missionary this transfer! She is going to be an amazing trainer.

Well, anyway, I love you all and hope all is well. Thanks for the support and love and prayers and faith.

Hermana Urban

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