August 3, 2009

angels : july 27

I am spending most of my internet time trying to send ya´ll photos so I hope this is successful.
We went to the temple as a branch and it was GREAT! We had investigators come. We stayed outside with some people and whilst in the waiting area I got out my new coloring books (thanks to the best mom in the whole wide world). There was a huge group of kids and toddlers all dressed in white waiting to be sealed to their families. I cannot explain it but for one minute I saw "it." I saw and understood in my mind God´s plan for us. And I wanted everyone to have it as well. But anyway amongst the coloring a little girl/angel came up to me, found my colored pencils and started drawing. sooooo cute!

A recent convert Rosa saw and entered the temple for the first time as well. She did baptisms. and her granddaughter who comes to church every Sunday also came with us. We are big buds. I love her lots.

Temple trip. Super fun.

I heart the Young Women!!! (and Lisa Runyon!!!!)

New Vintage dress. FUN!

who doesn´t want to lick the frosting of REAL chocolate home goodness by Hermana Asay?!

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