August 16, 2009

2 weeks home bound...

As much as we want Elissa to focus on her last little bit in Argentina we can't help to think about how soon she will be back. We are so excited for her honorable mission and how we allowed her to give up 18 months of her life for people we never have met. Well, it isn't giving up anything! It has made us realize more than ever that life isn't about making is about our friends, family, neighbors and the people we work and associate with and serving these people by informing them about Heavenly Father and helping him fulfill his plan. Just as this picture of this plane is a blur her mission has gone by in a flash. Whenever you think about the past 18 months and her being gone it has seemed like such a long time. Now that we are almost looking back it has flown by. Sincerely, Elissa's Dad

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