August 18, 2009

Loving Every Minute

First off, a happy welcome to the twenties to Kendra!!!
Second off, the wind was insane the other day!! We were riding the good ol´ bikes against the wind on a LONG dirt road. Gotta love campo. But this is the problem: We wear skirts!!! haha! so we had to ride our bikes standing (not seated, yeah?) we were in a hurry so we were trying to make good time. It was quite the trip and I loved it!!! haha. If I worked anything off, don´t worry I ate plently the next day. Jorge invited us and some other peeps to go to his house and have lunch. He goes to a cooking class and is a really good cook. He made home made noodles with sauce and emanadas. And then Hermana Eva made an insane desert, with cream. So we passed lunch together and it is soooooooo great to see Jorge sooooooo happy.
Bueno, nada mas.
Things are great, I am still in love with monte and the people. There just isn´t enough time to do all we want to do.
But we are serving and loving the people.
Hermana Urban

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