August 3, 2009

quench not the spirit

So we were traveling by trains to zone conference. And me and another hermana decided that we wanted to sing some hymns for the people doing their daily travel. So we did while our comps talked with the people. The trains can be a little hectic and me and me comp were separated. I, with the other hermanas, got off on our stop. But my companion didn´t. SO we had to wait for her to come back - while we waited we took pics in this cool graffiti place.

Me and the comp Hermana Delgado at Zone conference.

Baptism of Jorge!! He was soo happy and got up to bore his testimony during sacrament meeting. Yay for him!

and Gaston trying to stay warm by the heater. awesome.

As for updates:

Andres and Silivia are sill amazing!! Yesterday they shared with us their testimonies of the blessings they have received from the gospel. They are truly an amazing family, that has a strong desire to be an eternal family. Siliva has some document issues and wasn´t able to vote and is unable to make a date to get married. So the process will take a little longer but they are doing real good.

Hugo continues with his many many doubts. He was actually in the hospital for 10 days and we couldn´t talk with him. But he still has a huge desire to understand the mysteries of God. I am actually typing in the ciber that he owns. We are gonna keep him in our prayers.

Well love you all. Things are good. We are finding new people everyday. And Janelle, I too found a bike!!!! YAY!!!!

here is a scripture I feel in love with this morning: ! Thessalonians 5:19 "Quench not the spirit" - How is Paul SOOO genius?? oh maybe because he was a prophet. But he still impresses me.

your hermanita Urban

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