July 6, 2009

These Are The Children of the World...Hermana Urban is teaching...

These are some pictures from a couple of weeks ago...a little late but still fun to look at.

So a fun little info: This great amazing lady that I was teaching a year ago got married and baptized this week!!! After a year she was able to get her documents from Paraguay and get married to her boyfriend (who is member) and then baptized - along with her daughter!!! I LOVE THIS!!!! I am hearing great success stories from other areas that I have served in and it just goes to show that the Lord allows His work to progress. no matter what.

So I am sure you all know that there is this crazy sickness swiping the land. Rosmeri has been working a lot (seeing how she is a nurse and all). so it has been tough to get to her. But people have been super worried and distraught about this flu that a lot of stores and places are closed or only open to a limited number of people. You have to wait to enter stores and you can only enter if you are going to buy. So what makes it all even more crazy is that we have cancelled church for 3 weeks. Yesterday we didn´t go. and that was weird.

When we aren´t traveling for meetings we are running around like crazy because we are visiting so many people! I love it!! We will have more men in the branch soon because the majority of the people we are teaching are men. so that will be great because the branch is about 3/4 women.

well that is all i will say. keep letters coming. did i not tell you that I extended my mission by 6 months?? SO if you are thinking you can get by without writing - you are wrong!!!

hermana urban

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