June 11, 2009


Irma in her house. which was actually her parents house. lots of history.

On Thursday the elders came to our area to interview Irma for baptism. We went to her house to pick her up but she wasn´t there. WHAT?? So we tried to search a little bit but she was just no where in sight. This has never happen before. So we were a little worried. It turns out that she was in the hospital. She hasn´t been feeling very good lately so it was a good thing that she went to see a doctor. After we sent the elders home and continued on with our day we decided that it would be better to move her baptismal date so she could rest and feel better about it. When we found her in her house we talked with her and shared a scripture, she said the prayer. Ok the most amazing feeling ever comes when you hear people pray. Her prayer came directly from her humble heart strings and was filled with how grateful she is for the opportunity to get baptized and continue in her faith in Christ through living the gospel. I feel really good about her baptismal date now and everything will be good.

So today is transfers. Hermana Gatica is off to the coast and I am staying in Monte for my fourth transfer. I feel like my name should be on the member list. I love it though.

My new companion is from Peru. Her name is hermana Delgado. Wish us luck!

I love this work. It is the Lord´s, not mine. I am just amazed that He would let me be a part of it.


Hermanita Urban

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