October 27, 2008

Halloween week... she will miss it... Not in Argentina!

Well, things are good! Hna Zollinger and I had a goal to teach 21 lessons with member which is crazy – almost record breaking. Even crazier because we walk everywhere and we need to have willing members. But we did it! Yeah. It was neat. I don't have ALL that much to say at this moment and time. I am actually really tired and hoping for a nap today. My first in a LONG time . . .Yesterday was stake conference and Bishop Keith McMullin from the bishopric came. It was very good. And it was cool to see the chapel full! I was very impressed with how many people came and looked prepared to be edified. (is that how you spell that?) SO hey Halloween is this week!! It just so happens to be my favorite holiday. I just love it. It doesn´t exist here. But there is a little Kisco that has a poster that says Halloween on it and they are invited little kids to come, or something. They also invited us. The lady was really excited showing us the little decorations she has. Haha. Well sorry that this is a short email with none of my random deep thoughts -haha.

Photos: Lunch with Delfina and Havana and their neighbor Irma, in Delfina´s home. She lives upstairs but this is the entrance.

Love you with all my heart.

Hermana urban

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