October 20, 2008

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today's e-mail, posted by Bethany

Welp another sweet week in Banfield. Things are good and the sun is out- I will probably start getting some great sister missionary tan lines pretty soon. Yesterday was Mother's Day in Argentina. Making me think about my mommy. I love you! President and Hermana Asay came to our ward yesterday and President gave a little talk – so good!!! I was so happy because we had an investigator in church, Lily, who is such a great mom and woman and I know she really enjoyed his talk. Lily is sooo cute. She is in her 40´s but looks like her 20´s – she has kept really good care of herself. She came to church in 4-inch heels with her makeup all done. It was great. I just think she is great.

After church we had lunch with Hermana Mino and her family. Hermana Mino is a little lady who is actually the mammita for the mission home. Meaning she helps with cleaning, and cooking. Her and Hermana Asay have become really good friends, and Hermana Asay has taught her a few American tricks. So yesterday for lunch we had mashed potatoes, roast beef, and gravy! The beef isn´t much of a surprise, but with the gravy! It was just a happy little moment. But Hermana Mino and her family are amazing. They are what a family should be. She raised her kids in the gospel and they are firm in the faith. We just feel so happy there. It is not our home or our family or our language or anything – but the feelings are there.

There is this lady that lives by us who has been involved with drugs for 17 years: which is a lot considering she is 31. It is so sad. She has a lot of potential. We will stop and chat, give her some hope and light. The problem is, the drugs have just completely taken over her. She does not have a lot of room to think for herself. Unfortunately, we as missionaries, can´t do much to help her. I know the gospel. But it made me think – It doesn't not matter your status in society, the country you live in, the language you speak. The things of the world destroy the soul. I think of people I know, in nice suburbs of Denver, who are living the exact same life as this lady. But on the other hand, It is the same with love. Just a couple streets over from here we felt so much love and comfort in the home of Hermana Mino. I am grateful that I can distinguish between the things of Satan and the things of God.

We have been seeing some great reactivation into the church lately. We read the talk "the concern for the one" by Joseph B. Wirthlin from April conference with the Ullua family. I have never seen such attention from them. I think that if everyone in the world would read . . . no not just read, but Apply these things, the world would be a much better place.

I really like working in this here broax of Argentina.

Hey Natalie Smith: I knew you could do it and I am sooooo happy for you!!!!

Well, that is about all for today.

I love you all. Sorry there is a lack of pics – no camera plug in thing. But hey I didn't get any emails . (big cry!)

Hermanita Urban

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