March 2, 2009


Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting. Hermano and Hermana Eva are a couple from the stake that come every Sunday to help out the branch as their calling. They are like our parents on Sundays and I love it. Hermano Eva asked us to bare our testimonies in English, It was a really great simple experience. Both Hermana Inglodsby and I shared our testimonies, it was a little weird because we haven´t done that in a long time. But I noticed many of the members wiping tears off their faces. I cannot get over the fact that we feel with the spirit and not so much what is said. It works in all aspects of life.

We are teaching 2 great families. Ericka and her two sons. And Rosmeri and her kids. The problem is trying to get all of them together. We really need to teach the men of the families. Without them it is really hard for everyone else to progress. We had a Noche de Hogar with Ericka and her boys. We watched The Restoration and playing UNO. They loved it. But we have yet to met her husband. But he has seen these amazing changes in Ericka that he wants to meet us, he is just never at home. This week we will meet him sí o sí. Rosmeri is this amazingly nice lady, she is a nurse and is such a good mom. Her dad actually is a member, but lives in Uruguay and hasn´t gone to church for a long time. And Rosmeri´s husband is the son of a recent convert here in Monte. We have met him and he is really great too. This is exactly what Monte needs! Families and leadership. I love it here. And there is a ton of work to do, it´s just hard getting it on its feet.

If anyone wants to serve a couples mission let me know ASAP! And President Asay can call you and then maybe you can serve with me here in Monte!!!!! There is nothing cooler then leaving your home, learning a language, and telling people about the things that mean most to you.

We are walking so much (like usual) but I think it will help me train for when I do the Amazing Race.

Well, I love all of you and miss you lots. I cannot believe it is March, yay for March.
That means summer will soon cease.

Hermana Urban

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